What We Do

CalBike works to change policy, unite advocates, build infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, and encourage bicycling to create safer streets for all Californians.

Featured Campaigns

Complete Streets

Complete Streets

CalBike and our allies are in the process of gathering data and analyzing how well Caltrans serves the many California residents who aren’t in cars or trucks.


California should devote a minimum of 50% of its transportation budget to support active transportation: biking, walking, and public transit. $10 Billion for Bikes!

Cargo bike riding fast through city

Advocating for California E-Bike Incentives

Helping more Californians use bicycling as an alternative to driving.

Other Campaigns

California State Capitol

Passing bike-friendly legislation in Sacramento

The California Bicycle Coalition is your voice in the Capitol for state policies that enable your community and your neighbors to feel safe and comfortable biking. We update our Legislative Watch regularly.

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CalBike’s $10M E-Bike Affordability Campaign

E-bikes are the greenest electric vehicle. Soon, Californians will be able to get purchase incentives to make them more affordable.

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Past Initiatives

The Plan for the Future Bill Is the Climate Boost California Needs

OmniBike Bill: People on Bikes Belong

Californians Win the Freedom to Walk

The Latest in Bicycle Advocacy

complete streets law
Happy bike riders making their way down an extra wide bike lane on a verdant street.