2023 Legislative Watch

CalBike supports bike-friendly legislation in Sacramento.

The California Bicycle Coalition is your voice in the Capitol for state policies that enable your community and your neighbors to feel safe and comfortable biking. We update our Legislative Watch regularly.

CalBike’s Top Priority Bills

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 93Bryan: Stop Baseless SearchesSponsorProhibits police officers from requesting consent to conduct a search if the officer does not suspect criminal activity.On Assembly Floor
AB 825Bryan: Decriminalizing Sidewalk RidingSponsorAllows bicycle riding on a sidewalk adjacent to a street that does not include a Class I, Class II, or Class IV bikeway.On Assembly Floor
AB 1525Bonta: The Equity-First Transportation Funding Act
SupportPrioritizes low-income communities of color for transportation funding.Died in Assembly Appropriations
SB 50Bradford: Stop Pretextual PolicingSupportProhibits police officers from stopping or detaining the operator of a motor vehicle or bicycle for a low-level infraction.On Senate Floor

CalBike’s Active Transportation Slate for 2023

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 6Friedman: Regional Prioritization for Clean TransportationSupportRequires regional transportation agencies to prioritize and fund transportation projects that significantly contribute towards regional and the state’s climate goals.On Assembly Floor
AB 7Friedman: Project Selection ProcessSupportRequires state transportation agencies to incorporate environmental and equity principles into their project selection processOn Assembly Floor
AB 73Boerner Horvath: Bike Safety StopSupportLegalizes stop-as-yield for bike riders aged 18 and older.On Assembly Floor
AB 251Ward: Deadly Oversized Cars SupportConvenes a task force to study the relationship between vehicle weight and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists, and to study the costs and benefits of imposing a passenger vehicle weight fee. On Assembly Floor
AB 361Ward: Cars Blocking Bike LanesSupportAuthorizes cities to install automated forward facing parking control devices on city-owned parking enforcement vehicles for the purpose of video imaging parking violations occurring in bicycle lanes.On Assembly Floor
AB 413Lee: Daylighting to Save LivesSponsorProhibits the stopping, standing, or parking of a vehicle within 20 feet of any unmarked or marked crosswalk.On Assembly Floor
AB 610Holden: Free Transit for YouthSupportEstablishes pilot program that provides grants to transit agencies for the costs of creating and implementing free youth transit passes to persons attending certain educational institutions.On Assembly Floor
AB 645Friedman: Automated Speed EnforcementSupportEstablishes an automated speed safety pilot program.On Assembly Floor
AB 761Friedman: Transit Transformation Task ForceSupportEstablishes a Transit Transformation Task Force to develop policies to grow transit ridership and improve the transit experience for all users.On Assembly Floor
AB 819Bryan: Decriminalizing Transit Fare EvasionSponsorDecriminalizes fare evasion by removing it as a misdemeanor classification.On Assembly Floor
AB 981Friedman: Highway Pilot Projects to Reduce EmissionsSupportRequires Caltrans to to complete 10 pilot highway maintenance and rehabilitation demonstration projects that result in significantly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.Died in Assembly Appropriations
AB 1188Boerner Horvath: California Bike Smart Safety HandbookSponsorRequires the DMV to create a Bicycle Handbook.Died in Assembly Appropriations
AB 1266Kalra: No More Warrants for InfractionsSupportEliminates the use of bench warrants for minor infractions.On Assembly Floor
SB 695Gonzalez: Caltrans Freeway DataSupportRequires Caltrans to annually prepare and make available information and data about activities on the state highway system on a public data portal.On Senate Floor
SB 712Portantino: Tenancy & MicromobilitySupportProhibits a landlord from prohibiting a tenant from owning a personal micromobility device or from storing a personal micromobility device in their dwelling unit unless the landlord provides secure, long-term storage for those devices.On Senate Floor

Bills CalBike Is Watching

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 411Bennett: Recreational TrailsWatchRemoves funds from the ATP to fund recreational trails program.Died in Assembly Appropriations
AB 1447Flora: E-Scooter ClassificationWatchCreates a classification system for electric scooters.On Assembly Floor
AB 1464Connolly: Richmond-San Rafael BridgeWatchRequires Caltrans to consider mobility options for Richmond-San Rafael BridgeDied in Assembly Appropriations
SB 295Dodd: Regulating E-ScootersWatchAuthorizes a public agency to adopt rules or regulations to restrict more transportation devices, including, among other things, scooters, pocket bicycles, and golf carts.In Assembly
SB 381Min: E-Bike StudyWatchRequires a study on electric bicycles to inform efforts to improve the safety of riders and pedestrians, and to submit a report of the findings from the study to the Legislature.Passed Senate. Going to Assembly Transportation.
SB 538Portantino: Bike CzarWatchRequires Caltrans’ Director to appoint a Bicycle Czar, to serve as the department’s chief advisor on all issues related to bicycle transportation, safety, and infrastructure.On Senate Floor