2024 Legislative Watch

CalBike supports bike-friendly legislation in Sacramento.

The California Bicycle Coalition is your voice in the Capitol for state policies that enable your community and your neighbors to feel safe and comfortable biking. We update our Legislative Watch regularly.

CalBike’s Top Priority Bills

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
SB 960Wiener: Complete Streets on Caltrans’ CorridorsCo-SponsorThis bill would require all transportation projects within SHOPP to provide comfortable, convenient, and connected complete streets facilities, including transit priority policies.Assembly Transportation Committee July 1
SB 961Wiener: Vehicle Speed Limiter RequirementsCo-SponsorThis bill would require new motor vehicles to be equipped with a speed limiter device that would utilize visual and audio signals to alert the driver if the speed of the vehicle is more than 5 miles per hour over the speed limit.Passed Assembly Transportation Committee
AB 2290Friedman: Quicker and Better BikewaysSponsorThis bill has three provisions to improve biking: 1) Prohibit Active Transportation Program funds for projects that create Class III bikeways. 2) Require a bicycle facility that is identified for a street in an adopted bicycle plan or active transportation plan to be included in a project funded by the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program. 3) Establish the Bikeway Quick-Build Project Pilot Program within the department’s maintenance program.Passed Senate Transportation Committee
AB 2535Bonta: No Freeway Expansions for FreightSupportThis bill would prohibit funding under the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program to a project that expands the footprint of a highway in a community that meets certain criteria relating to pollution impacts.Died in Assembly Appropriations

CalBike’s Active Transportation Slate for 2024

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 6Friedman: Regional Prioritization for Clean TransportationSupportRequires regional transportation agencies to prioritize and fund transportation projects that significantly contribute towards regional and the state’s climate goals.Senate Transportation Committee
AB 73Boerner: Bike Safety StopSupportLegalizes stop-as-yield for bike riders aged 18 and older.In Senate
AB 833Rendon: Freeway CapsSupportRequires Caltrans to prepare a plan for adding caps to freeway segments that divide disadvantaged, underrepresented, urban communitiesIn Senate
AB 1774Dixon: E-Bike Modifications
SupportThis bill would prohibit a person from selling a product or device that can modify the speed capability of an electric bicycle such that it no longer meets the definition of an electric bicycle.In Senate
AB 2086Schiavo: Caltrans Accountability and TransparencySupportThis bill would require the California Transportation Plan to also include a financial element that summarizes the full cost of plan implementation, a summary of available revenues through the planning period, and an analysis of what is feasible within the plan if constrained by a realistic projection of available revenues.In Senate
AB 2259Boerner: California Bike Smart Safety HandbookCo-SponsorRequires the DMV to create a bicycle safety handbook that includes information on, among other things, existing laws regulating bicycles and e-bikes.Passed Senate Transportation Committee
AB 2583Berman: Lowering Speed in School ZonesSupportThis bill would instead establish a prima facie speed limit of 15 miles per hour in a school zone.Senate Transportation Committee June 25th
AB 2669Ting: Banning Bridge Tolls for People Walking and BikingCo-SponsorThis bill ensures that people walking or bicycling across a toll bridge in California will never pay a fee.Passed Senate Transportation Committee
AB 2744McCarty: Intersection Safety ActCo-SponsorThis bill prohibits the addition of a right-turn lane within 20 feet of a marked or unmarked crosswalk where there is not already a dedicated and marked right-turn or travel lane, and would prohibit vehicles from using this 20-foot area for right turns unless the area is already marked as a dedicated right-turn lane. Additionally, it would only allow the right turn of car if the right turn is from an exclusive right-turn lane.Died before committee hearing
SB 689Blakespear: Bike Lanes in Coastal AreasSupportThis bill would provide that an application by a local government to convert an existing motorized vehicle travel lane into a dedicated bicycle lane shall not require a traffic study for the processing of either a coastal development permit or an amendment to a local coastal program.Assembly Transportation Committee
SB 1216Blakespear: Limiting Class III BikewaysSupportThis bill would prohibit public agencies, and the ATP, from installing a Class III bikeway on a street that has a posted speed limit greater than 30 miles per hour.Assembly Transportation Committee July 1
SB 1271Min: E-Bike Battery StandardsSupportThis bill would prohibit a person from distributing, selling, leasing, or offering for sale or lease, an electric bicycle, powered mobility device, or storage battery, unless the battery for the electric bicycle or powered mobility device has been tested, as specified, or the storage battery meets specified tests.Passed Assembly Transportation Committee
SB 1509Stern: Unsafe Speed PenalitiesSupportThis bill would increase accountability for recklessly speeding drivers who endanger the lives of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers. Specifically, it would increase the number of points a driver is given by DMV if they are caught driving more than 25 MPH over the speed limit on roads with a speed limit of 55 MPH or less.Assembly Transportation Committee July 1

Bills CalBike Is Watching

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 832Cervantes: California Transportation Commission MembershipWatchThis bill would require that at least one of the Governor-appointed members of the commission have expertise in transportation issues and professional experience that includes experience working in, or representing, disadvantaged communities.2-year bill
AB 1447Flora: E-Scooter ClassificationWatchCreates a classification system for electric scooters.2-year bill
AB 1773Dixon: Banning Bikes on BoardwalksWatchThis bill would authorize a local authority to adopt rules and regulations by ordinance or resolution regarding the operation of bicycles on boardwalks.Died before committee hearing
AB 1777Ting: Autonomous VehiclesWatchThis bill would cite AV manufacturers if they violate vehicle code. Additionally, it would require AVs to maintain a dedicated emergency response telephone line that is available for emergency response officials.Senate Transportation Committee June 15th
AB 1778Connolly: E-Bike Restrictions in Marin CountyWatchThis bill would prohibit a person under 16 years of age from operating a class 2 electric bicycle and require any person operating, or riding upon, a class 2 electric bicycle to wear a helmet. This is a pilot for Marin County.In Senate
AB 1953Villapudua: Vehicle Weight LimitsWatchThis bill would clarify that the maximum gross vehicle weight for a near-zero-emission vehicle or a zero-emission vehicle is 82,000 pounds.In Senate
AB 2234Boerner: E-Bike Pilot Age RestrictionsNeutralThis bill would create a pilot program in San
Diego County that would prohibit a person under 12 years of age from operating an electric bicycle of any class.
Passed Senate Transportation Committee
AB 2286Aguiar-Curry: Autonomous Vehicle SafetyWatchThis bill would require a manufacturer of an autonomous vehicle to report to the DMV a collision on a public road that involved one of its autonomous vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,001 pounds or more that is operating under a testing permit that resulted in damage of property, bodily injury, or death within 10 days of the collision.Senate Transportation Committee June 25th
AB 2869Friedman: Caltrans Trail AccessWatchThis bill would require Caltrans to mitigate the impact of infrastructure projects that interfere with or eliminate trail access to parks and recreational areas by maintaining safe access for users of existing trails or providing alternative safe access to those parks and recreational areas.Died in Assembly Appropriations
AB 3061Haney: Autonomous Vehicle SafetyWatchThis bill would require a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles to report to the DMV any vehicle collision, traffic violation, or disengagemen, or the assault or harassment of any passenger or safety driver, that involves a manufacturer’s vehicle in California regardless of whether the vehicle is in the testing or deployment phase.Senate Transportation Committee June 25th
AB 3147Garcia: California Trails ConservancyWatchThis bill would establish in the Natural Resources Agency the California Trails Conservancy ProgramDied in Assembly Appropriations
SB 50Bradford: Stop Pretextual PolicingWatchProhibits police officers from stopping or detaining the operator of a motor vehicle or bicycle for a low-level infraction.2-year bill
SB 768Caballero: VMT StudyWatchThis bill would require CARB, by January 1, 2026, to conduct and submit to the Legislature a study on how vehicle miles traveled is used as a metric for measuring transportation impacts pursuant to CEQA.Assembly Appropriations Committee
SB 915Cortese: Autonomous Vehicle Local ControlWatchThis bill would ensure local control over AV deployment by allowing the local government to pass an ordinance specifying how these vehicles would be regulated on their streets.Assembly Transportation Committee June 17th
SB 936Seyarto: Study for Road and Safety ImprovementsWatchThis bill would create a study for road and safety improvements at any of the 15 locations in the state highway system with the highest rates of vehicle collisions.Assembly Transportation Committee June 17th
SB 1031Wiener/Wahab: San Francisco Bay Area Local Revenue MeasureWatchThis bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact subsequent legislation to authorize the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to propose a revenue measure to the voters in its jurisdiction to fund the operation, expansion, and transformation of the San Francisco Bay area’s public transportation system, as well as other transportation improvements.In Assembly