2022 Legislative Watch

CalBike supports bike-friendly legislation in Sacramento.

The California Bicycle Coalition is your voice in the Capitol for state policies that enable your community and your neighbors to feel safe and comfortable biking. We update our Legislative Watch regularly.

Tier 1 – Bills we’re sponsoring

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
SB 932Portantino – Bikes in General PlansSponsorrequires cities to ensure that a modified circulation element additionally includes bicycle and pedestrian plans and traffic calming plans.On Assembly Floor
AB 2147Ting – Safe Street CrossingsSponsorLegalizes safe pedestrian mid-block crossingsOn Senate Floor

Tier 2 – Bills we’re working on

Bill #Author & Title or DescriptionPositionExplanationStatus
AB 1713Boerner Horvath – The Safety StopSupport and Request AmendmentsRequires adults on bikes to yield at stop sign-controlled intersections, instead of stop, unless stopping is necessary for safety.On Senate Floor
AB-371Jones-Sawyer – Shared mobility devices: insurance and trackingOppose Requires bike- and scooter-share providers to install Braille insignia to aid in reporting vehicles to authorities, and requires that the provider’s insurance covers personal injury or property damage caused by the user (unlike rental car insurance requirements, for example).On Senate Floor
SB 922Wiener – CEQA ExemptionsSupport Extends environmental review exemptions for transit and active transportation infrastructure improvements. Forbids auto capacity increases.In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending.
AB 1909Friedman – Bike Omnibus (Omnibike Bill)Support1. Increases access for e-bikes. 2. requires motorists to change lanes if possible to pass bikes. 3. allows bikes to go forward on a ‘walk’ sign 4. prohibits mandatory bike registrationOn Senate Floor
AB 2438Friedman – Aligning transportation funding with climate goalsSupportRequires all transportation projects funded at the local or state level to align with the California Transportation Plan and the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure adopted by the Transportation AgencyOn Senate Floor
AB 2097Friedman – (Lee, Skinner, Wiener) – No auto parking minimums near transitSupportCities can’t impose automobile parking minimums on new construction within a half mile of transit.On Senate Floor
AB 1919Holden – Free Student Transit PassesSupportDevelops Youth Transit Pass Pilot Program that will allow transit agencies to provide free youth transit passes to all persons 25 years of age.On Senate Floor
AB 1946Boerner Horvath – E-Bike Safety Training ProgramSupportRequires Caltrans to develop statewide safety standards and training programs for users of e-bikesEnrolled and presented to the Governor
AB 2028Davies – School instruction for bike and scooter safetySupportExpands permitted school bicycle safety education partnerships from law enforcement agencies in elementary and middle schools to any agency or organization at any public school.Approved by the governor and chaptered
SB 1079Portantino – Sound-activated enforcement devicesSupportAuthorizes cities to use sound-activated enforcement devices to capture vehicle noise levels that exceed the legal limitsOn Assembly floor.
AB 2264Bloom – Pedestrian crossing signalsSupportRequires Caltrans and cities to update all pedestrian control signals to operate giving a pedestrian a head start between 3 to 7 seconds to enter an intersection with a corresponding circular green signalOn Senate Floor.
AB 2174Chen – Treat bikes and scooters as vehicles for purposes of towing regulations.SupportIn Assembly.
SB 1472Stern – Speeding and reckless drivingSupportOn Assembly Floor.
SB 1230Limon – Zero-emission and near-zero emission vehicle incentive programsSupportOn Assembly Floor.
SB 1107Dodd – Protect California Drivers Act of 2022SupportWould protect California drivers and anyone who is injured in a vehicle collision, particularly low-income drivers. Specifically, this bill would modernize California’s outdated minimum auto financial responsibility limits (known as liability insurance) and would change our underinsured motorist law so that drivers will get the full value of the policy they paid for.On Assembly Floor.
SB 457Portantino and Wilk – Car-Free Tax CreditSupportCreates a rebate program for each person without a car in a householdOn Assembly Floor.
SB 307McGuire – Great Redwood Trail AgencySupportAllows the Great Redwood Trail agency further authority to build out the Great Redwood Trail, a 320-mile, world-class, multi-use rail-to-trail project connecting California’s San Francisco and Humboldt Bays.On Assembly Floor
AB 2336Friedman – Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot ProgramSupportEstablishes an automated speed enforcement pilot program in a few citiesDied in Assembly Appropriations Committee.
AB 1778C. Garcia – Freeways in Disadvantaged CommunitiesSupportProhibits any state funds or personnel time from being used to fund or permit freeway widening projects in areas with high rates of pollution and poverty.Died Senate Transportation Committee
SB 1067Portantino – Automobile parking requirementsWatchDied on Asm Appropriations Committee.
AB 1975 Nazarian – California Bus Shelter BillSupport The bill would ensure that bus and pedestrian shelter and street furniture is treated as critical and funded infrastructure asset to prioritize shade as an essential need for all Californians.Died In Assembly Appropriations Committee.
AB 2863Wilson – Bike Parking GuidelinesSupportRequires the Department of Housing and Community Development to research, develop, and propose for adoption mandatory building standards for short-term and long-term bicycle parking in multifamily residential buildings, hotels, and motels.Died In Senate Appropriations Committee