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California offers financial incentives to people who buy electric cars, recognizing that these vehicles emit far less greenhouse gases than fossil-fueled cars. E-bikes can have an even bigger impact on the environment, replacing even more car trips than mechanical bicycles.

But electric bicycles are not cheap. E-bike purchases may be out of reach of those in disadvantaged communities where this efficient transportation option would do the most good.

We think California should offer rebates to make e-bikes accessible and affordable to more people. Sign our petition to tell the state that you want e-bike rebates.

E-Bikes Are Green Transportation

Electric bicycles have changed the way we get around in California and across the country. E-bikes are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for thousands of Californians who are discovering the health benefits of bicycling while reducing the environmental impact of our state’s transportation system. On an e-bike, hills are flattened, distances shortened, and strenuous trips are made easy. E-bikes make bicycling a viable option for people with children or other heavy loads, elderly folks, as well as those with certain disabilities. CalBike is invested in improving access to e-bikes to replace polluting car trips, help to ease road congestion, and incorporate healthy and active transportation into people’s lives.

In recent years, CalBike has successfully advocated to clarify the definition of e-bikes in the vehicle code and to update the regulations so that low-speed e-bikes are treated like regular bicycles (AB 1096, Chiu). We have also advocated to expand the scope of the “Clean Mobility Options in Disadvantaged Communities” incentive program in the California Air Resources Board’s Low Carbon Transportation Investments to include stand-alone bike and e-bike share programs as eligible clean mobility options. We continue to work with the legislature and state agencies to develop an Electric Bicycle Purchase Incentive Pilot Program to provide rebates for up to half the cost of e-bikes.

More About E-Bike Rebates

Thank you to our sponsors, Yuba and Bosch, for e-bike photos.

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In 2019 we’re poised to win a victory that could bring Complete Streets elements—bike lanes, safe crossings, safe transit stops—to state-owned surface streets.

Ask California to Provide Incentives for E-bikes

Ask for California clean vehicle dollars to support the ultimate clean vehicle: the electric bicycle.

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