An inspiring biennial gathering of California bicycle advocates, planners, agency administrators, and more.

The biennial California Bicycle Summit is the state’s most important bicycle event, and one of the nation’s leading bicycle-related conferences.

This year, CalBike will offer a series of interactive online events, in addition to the in-person California Bicycle Summit, which we have postponed to April 2022.

At three three online events between October 2021, and February 2022, you’ll get a taste of the California Bicycle Summit through informative presentations, inspiring panels, and engaging discussion with bicycle advocates, organizers, and planning professionals from across the country and world. 

Buy your advance ticket now to gain access to all three online Advance Symposia, AND the in-person California Bicycle Summit in April 2022.

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Join the California Bicycle Coalition on October 12, 2021 for the first of three Advance Symposia, as we look ahead to the return of the California Bicycle Summit in April 2022.

Get a taste of the excitement, passion and intelligence of California’s bicycling advocacy movement. 90-minute sessions will feature leading thinkers and doers from around the world, starting with the experts who literally wrote the book on Cycling for Sustainable Cities.

“Cycling is a sustainable means of urban travel. It has the potential to serve many short- and medium-distance trips—for commuting to and from work and school, shopping, andvisiting friends—as well as providing recreation and exercise. Cycling promotes physical, social, and mental health, helps reduce car use, enhances mobility and independence, and is economical for both public and personal budgets. This presentation explores how to make city cycling safe, practical, and convenient for a broad spectrum of ages, genders, and abilities. Buehler and Pucher discuss the latest cycling trends and policies around the world and consider specific aspects of cycling. Based on data from 2019-2020 from cities around the world, they also review the impacts of COVID-19 on cycling levels and government policies to promote cycling. Taken together, the presentation demonstrates that successful promotion of cycling depends on a coordinated package of mutually supportive infrastructure, programs, and policies. Cycling should be made feasible for as many people as possible and not limited to especially fit, daring, well-trained cyclists riding expensive bicycles.”

December 7, 2021

Lessons from Latin America

Lorena Romero Fontecha directs BiciActiva Radio to support the cycling community of Bogota create a more just, supportive and democratic society. Her presentation at the 2019 Summit in Los Angeles was among the most popular. She’ll be joined by two of the foremost experts on cycling in Latin America, Professors Carlosrelipe Pardo and Daniel Rodriguez, co-authors of a chapter in Cycling for Sustainable Cities.

February 22, 2022

Amazing Advocacy

We’ll learn from the best and most inspiring campaigns in Oakland and Los Angeles and many other places (to be determined). Breakout sessions will allow participants to engage in thoughtful discussion on themes highlighted by the presentations, such as the intersection of bicycle advocacy with gentrification and racism, bicycling in rural areas, and funding schemes for safe streets infrastructure.

APRIL 2022

In April 2022, the California Bicycle Summit will joyfully return to Oakland, CA for three days of keynote addresses, plenaries, workshops, and bike rides.

In addition to workshops and discussions on hot topics, the Summit always includes bike rides and other mobile tours, cultural events with the host community, social gatherings, and a dance party! It’s a great opportunity to add to your bicycle planning toolkit while you grow your network.

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