Free Quick-Build Bikeway Design Guide

CalBike has partnered with Alta Planning + Design to create a guide for projects that can be built quickly and with minimal expense. This free guide will help California communities build the safe streets we need now.

FAQs on COVID-19 Bicycling

Answers—and graphics to share—to some of your questions about whether to bike, and how to bike safely during a pandemic.

Bicycling for Beginners

New to Bicycling? Have a friend who’s just getting started? Check out these online classes and resources to help get started. We’ve chosen just the best to help you get started safely.

Biking Tips for Beginners and Experts

Even more seasoned riders can get discouraged from biking by unpleasant experiences on the road. Fortunately, there are lots of things that even experienced bicyclists can do to improve the ride. We’ve compiled a set of resources to help you enjoy biking in and out of a pandemic.

How to Create Slow Streets

Slow Streets provide space for people to walk and bike near home, with reduced and slowed car traffic. Oakland led the way in California and many cities are following suit. We created a guide, based on Oakland’s experience, to help you bring Slow Streets to your community.

Bike Match

Do you have a bike you no longer ride, that you can share with an essential worker or someone down on their luck from our current crisis? Or do you need a free bike because your other modes of transportation aren’t working for you? Get hooked up through Bike Match!

Bicycle Advocacy in Your Community

Find your local coalition, join, and get involved! Working with your local coalition is the best way to make an impact “on the ground” where you live. NOW is the time to push for emergency bike lanes in your community.

Waving Wednesdays

Are you on a bike? Is today Wednesday? Then it’s time to wave!

Maps & Routes

Where ya going?

Legal Resources and Crash Help

Great advice and legal resources you hope you’ll never need but will be glad you have. Plus California Bicycle Laws: Know your rights because too often even police officers get these wrong.

Register Your Bike

Bike registration is not required in California, but it’s a good idea to self-register it, for free, in case it’s stolen. Use the Bike Registry!

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