Our Initiatives

At CalBike, we envision a California where our streets are safe, appealing, and accessible for people biking, walking, and using transit. Where people of color and low-income people have a voice in transportation decisionmaking. Where our transportation policies today will create an equitable, sustainable and safe future. We have our work cut out for us to make this vision a reality, and we need a strong transportation justice movement to get there.

The California Bicycle Coalition’s has four main initiatives to meet these goals. Learn about our current campaigns, resources, and past successes in each of these four areas of work.

Transportation Justice

We work to change power dynamics to give community residents, especially in historically disadvantaged and marginalized low-income communities of color, more control over transportation policy and spending decisions. We push for increased transportation investments in lower-income communities. 

Streets for Everyone

We push to connect neighborhoods with great biking, walking and transit options. We push to increase funding for “bikeway networks”—safe and connected webs of inviting bike paths, quiet neighborhood streets, and protected bike lanes—so that everyone, ages 8 to 80 can feel comfortable riding. We push to expand access to bicycles through bike share and bicycle subsidies.

Healthy Climate and Communities

We elevate bicycling as an important tool for protecting our planet and our communities, working to change our transportation policies to support an equitable, environmentally sustainable, and safe future.

A Stronger Movement

We work to strengthen the power of the transportation advocacy movement by strengthening our local bicycle advocacy and social justice partners, electing allies to office, and supporting education and encouragement programs.

Take Action

Pre-order a bike-themed license plate for your car

This specialty plate will raise funds for bicycle education. We need 7,500 pre-orders before the DMV will produce it.

Ask California to Provide Incentives for E-bikes

Ask for California clean vehicle dollars to support the ultimate clean vehicle: the electric bicycle.

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Do you care about bicycling? We need your support to make California a better place to ride a bike and to get more people riding.

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