Learn to Bike at Any Age

Resources and classes and other resources for adults and kids who are new—or newly returned to—bicycling

Are you new to riding a bike, or would you like to get more comfortable riding for transportation? Perhaps you are back on a bike after years away or teaching your kids how to ride. You can learn to bike safely during COVID-19. We’ve compiled this short list of resources to help you and your family discover or rediscover the joy of riding a bike. 

Learn to bike confidently and safely

Usually, your local bike advocacy organization is a great place to look for in-person, on-bike, in-the-street instruction on all kinds of aspects of bicycling. Because of COVID-19, many of those classes are online. We highly recommend the following classes and resources.

Free classes from our local partners, now online

Bike East Bay hosts award-winning bicycle education programs. Upcoming classes include one-hour workshops like “Bike Commuting Basics” and “Riding After Dark” and their 2-hour “Urban Cycling 101” class. Learn more and sign up.

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition has good basic bike safety classes, a class for drivers about how to operate safely near people on bicycles, and even a class on bike yoga! Learn more and sign up.

Best free introduction to bicycling, bike safety, and practical advice

The League of American Bicyclists hosts 18 short and accessible videos on topics ranging from the basics of stopping and starting and shifting gears, to traffic safety like safe lane changing and intersection positioning, and practical tips like choosing a bike and fitting it to you. Check them out

Best detailed online safety classes 

Cycling Savvy offers a discount right now on their classes for learning how to ride in traffic, something we all must do at least every once in a while to get where we’re going. Learn to ride confidently and feel safe in all conditions.

Teaching children to ride for the first time

Among loads of online resources for teaching children to ride, REI’s advice stands out as excellent and easy to understand.

It’s never too late to learn to bike!

Many people discover the fun of getting around by bike for the first time as adults. You can teach yourself! Follow Bicycling Magazine’s primer.

My trips aren’t easy to do with a bike (too long, too hilly, I have to carry too much stuff)

Consider an e-bike. Modern e-bikes are marvels of engineering, providing the feeling of a regular bike while flattening the hills and providing a boost that you can adjust from subtle to powerful. You’ll still pedal, but you won’t have to pedal as hard. E-bikes are generally pricier than traditional bikes, but CalBike is working on a bill that will allocate $10 million for e-bike stimulus grants. Sign the petition to help us get more Californians on e-bikes!

How to prevent bike theft

Bike theft is a problem in most communities, but with good locks and the knowledge these partners offer, you can increase the chances of keeping your bike. 

Our partners at Bike East Bay have a great resource on theft prevention and stolen bicycle recovery.

Inspirational stories

Read these stories and get inspired! Or share a cycling story and inspire others to get out and ride at Love to Ride!