Dan Kluger, Bookkeeper (he/him)

Dan likes to make sure all the numbers add up at CalBike and other arts, education, and advocacy nonprofits around the SF Bay Area. When he’s not at his computer or bicycling between locations, he often has a stringed instrument in his hand, playing a square dance, or learning traditional folk tunes of the Americas.

Dave Snyder, Executive Director (he/him)

Dave is a long-time organizer and advocate for socially just transportation and land-use policies. He rides his bike for most trips in his home city in Oakland, including to and from the Capitol Corridor train to Sacramento. He got his start in bike advocacy as the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition where he built the organization from a membership of 1 to 4,000. Email Dave.

Jared Sanchez, Senior Policy Advocate (he/him)

Jared has a background in policy research, rooted in social justice, that connects to grassroots power to achieve transformative policy goals. His work at CalBike focuses on building connections with community-based justice-centered organizations across California, and connecting bicycling, and sustainable transportation more generally, with intersecting issues such as housing, climate, and environmental justice. Prior to CalBike, Jared worked in the social justice research space for 10 years focusing on issues of immigrant integration, regional equity and racial desegregation. Email Jared.

Jenn Guitart

Jenn Guitart, Director of Advancement (she/her)

Jenn has been raising money for social justice and social services organizations for two decades. Not until starting with CalBike in 2014, though, could she say that she had her dream job. Jenn holds an MA in anthropology from NYU. She lives and rides her bike in Berkeley with her partner and two kids. When she’s not working to make California a better, more bikeable place, she enjoys playing music, having dinner parties, and doing creative projects. Email Jenn.

Kevin Claxton

Kevin Claxton, Development Associate (he/him)

Kevin is a Chicago native and resident of Los Angeles. He has spent nearly a decade working in fundraising and special events for community-based organizations. Before joining CalBike, Kevin worked for the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, where he managed development duties and led production of their Annual LA River Ride. Prior to living in Los Angeles, Kevin worked for education nonprofit Intonation Music in Chicago, and spent many years performing with bands and promoting local music around town. Kevin is a committed commuter cyclist, and holds a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from DePaul University in Chicago. Email Kevin.

Laura McCamy headshot

Laura McCamy, Staff Writer (she/her)

Laura is a freelance writer and bike advocate delighted to bring together her two passions in her work for CalBike. She is a past East Bay Bicycle Commuter of the Year and serves on the Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee in Emeryville. She writes for a wide range of organizations and online publications on topics including personal finance, tech, and, of course, bicycling. Email Laura.

Nicolay H Kreidler, Communications Director (he/him)

Nicolay grew up in South Africa, Canada, and Germany. He now lives in beautiful Marin County with his two young children. His professional life has revolved around making a difference in sustainability, health, and social justice with non-profit organizations and triple bottom line businesses. Communication is his passion. He loves to connect to harness the power of community. Reach out to him on Linkedin or email Nicolay.

Stefany Alfaro

Stefany Alfaro, Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Stefany is a Brazilian native, who now calls Southern California her home. Growing up, she used to bike around her neighborhood in São Paulo, and for the longest time, she saw her mother biking to and from work. After an accident on her way to work, her mother became terrified of riding her bike in the city, and Stefany dreamed of the day she could change that scenario for people like her mom. With a background in tourism and hospitality management, she spent seven years helping people make their dream travel come true. These days, when she is not supporting the CalBike team, you can find her hiking with her dog, volunteering at the local animal shelter, or biking by the beach. shelter. Email Stefany.

Platinum Advisors, LLC, Lobbyists

CalBike is represented in Sacramento by Platinum Advisors. Beau Biller and Steve Wallach match their impressive  knowledge and experience about transportation with strong reputations among decision makers in the halls of government in Sacramento.

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Photo credit: Ahlyzik Monroe, Evan Dudley, and Jack Hu