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jaywalking Legalize Safe Street Crossings

Newsom Vetoes Freedom to Walk in California

For Immediate Release: October 11, 2021 Contact:CalBike: Jared Sanchez, |  714-262-0921California Walks: Caro Jauregui, | 562-320-2139Los Angeles Walks: John Yi, | 213-219-2483 Newsom Vetoes Freedom to Walk in California Movement to End Unjust Jaywalking Laws Will Continue SACRAMENTO – In a setback for the movement for more equitable streets, Governor Gavin Newsom […]

Governor Newsom Vetoes Bill to Improve Bike Safety

For Immediate Release: October 11, 2021 Contact:  Dave Snyder, 916-251-9433, Jared Sanchez, 714-262-0921, Governor Newsom Vetoes Bill to Improve Bike Safety Sacramento – The Bicycle Safety Stop Bill (AB 122 – Boerner Horvath, Friedman, Ting) had broad support from the Assembly, the Senate, and people who ride bikes. CalBike is disappointed that Governor Newsom vetoed a bill […]

California Bicycle Summit to Begin with Cycling for Sustainable Cities Symposium

As the pandemic has broken many of our everyday routines, it has also provided opportunities to improve on the past. That’s the case with the California Bicycle Summit, which will be preceded by three advance symposia: free, online sessions with thought leaders in bicycle advocacy from around California and the world. The first symposium will […]

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Half Billion Dollars Stripped from Active Transportation Funding in State Budget Impasse

Earlier this year, CalBike Insider reported that California’s Active Transportation Program was slated to get an extra $500 million in funding from the state’s budget surplus. That’s enough to pay for approximately 80 high-scoring projects that got turned down in the last round of limited ATP funding. You can see the list of all projects […]

reclaim California streets

California Can Lead the Way in Reclaiming our Streets if Newsom Signs AB 1238

It was the middle of the afternoon in Culver City when Richard Milton left his optometrist to reach the bus stop across the street. “It was in the middle of the block,” he recalled. “There wasn’t any traffic, so I crossed.” As he walked toward the bus stop, a police car pulled up, and an […]

California State Capitol

Legislative Wrap-Up: Everything-but-the-Governor Edition, 2021

September 10, 2021, was the last day for bills to make it out of their second house in the California legislature. CalBike’s three sponsored measures were all effectively passed by the legislature: one is fully funded, and two have passed both houses. But CalBike engaged with many bills during this legislative session. Here’s where they stand […]

California Capitol building in Sacramento

CalBike Scores Wins in Sacramento for Californians Who Bike and Walk 

California’s legislative session has ended with several big accomplishments for active transportation. CalBike’s signature E-Bike Affordability Program is fully funded and in development. And the two other bills we sponsored this year have passed the Assembly and the Senate, which have placed a spotlight on the need to decriminalize the bicycle safety stop and jaywalking.  […]

freedom to walk act

CA Freedom to Walk Act Passes Senate

For Immediate Release: 9/8/21 Contact:CalBike: Jared Sanchez, |  714-262-0921California Walks: Caro Jauregui, | 562-320-2139Los Angeles Walks: John Yi, | 213-219-2483 CA Freedom to Walk Act Passes Senate SACRAMENTO – The Freedom to Walk Act, a bill designed to reform California’s “Jaywalking” laws, passed the California Senate today with a vote of 22-8. […]

bicycle safety stop

Bicycle Safety Stop Bill Passes Senate

For Immediate Release Contact: Dave Snyder, 916-251-9433, Tuesday, August 31, 2021 Jared Sanchez, 714-262-0921, Bicycle Safety Stop Bill Passes Senate SACRAMENTO – On August 30, the California Senate passed the Bicycle Safety Stop Bill (AB 122, Boerner Horvath, Friedman, Ting) with a bipartisan 31-5 vote. The bill allows people on bikes to treat […]

legalize safe street crossings

Bill to End Fines for Safe Street Crossings Moves to CA Senate Floor for Final Vote

The Freedom to Walk Act passed out of the California Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday. We’re thrilled lawmakers agreed that, as a state, we should stop raising revenue from our most marginalized and vulnerable residents. Two more steps to legalize safe street crossings There are two more crucial steps before we repeal unjust jaywalking laws, […]

bike the vote

Let’s Not Replace Newsom with Gruesome

Polls of likely voters show that the election to recall the Governor is dangerously close. If the recall succeeds, the new governor will be the replacement candidate with the most votes. Currently, that is talk show host Larry Elder, whose level of support is 21%.  So the chief executive of the world’s fifth-largest economy could […]

parking minimums

AB1401: Housing for People, Not Cars

Update, August 26, 2021: The Senate Appropriations Committee declined to take this bill out of the suspense file. Translation: AB 1401, which would have ended parking mandates in certain new construction, will not advance this year. In the USA, we have a parking problem. As UCLA urban planning professor and parking guru Donald Shoup explained […]