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California Capitol building in Sacramento

Legislative Recap: CalBike and Our Allies Deliver Wins for Bikes in Sacramento

The 2022 California legislative session ended on a high note, with CalBike’s sponsored legislation and many bike-friendly bills we supported becoming law. Breaking it down: CalBike supporters played a key role in this victory, sending more than 5,500 emails, Tweets, and petition signatures to support active transportation legislation. Here’s a detailed recap. CalBike-sponsored bills become […]

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The Kill Bike-Share Bill Becomes Law — But It No Longer Kills Bike-Share

Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 371, which imposes an unprecedented insurance requirement on scooter-sharing systems, raising costs for operators and users. CalBike campaigned hard against this bill, and we’re disappointed that it passed and became law, but our diligent advocacy succeeded in reducing the potential harm from this measure. AB 371, the Kill Bike-Share Bill, […]

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CalBike Executive Director Responds to California’s Unprecedented Support for Active Transportation

This was an unprecedented year for bike-friendly and active transportation legislation in Sacramento. CalBike worked hard with our members and allies to advocate for bike-friendly measures, and it’s clear that our elected officials have heard the message that Californians want safer streets, more space for biking and walking, and strong measures to tackle climate change.  […]

freedom to walk act

Freedom to Walk Becomes Law in California

For Immediate Release: October 1, 2022 Contact: CalBike: Kevin Claxton, | 909.274.0137 Governor Newsom Signs Freedom to Walk Act Bill ends jaywalking tickets when it’s safe to cross Sacramento, CA — Governor Newsom has signed the Freedom to Walk Bill (AB 2147, Ting). This bill will prevent police from issuing jaywalking tickets unless the street crossing is truly dangerous. […]

parking minimums

Why a Bill Removing Auto Parking Minimums Near Transit Is a Victory for Biking

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB 2097, which prevents local governments from requiring parking in residential buildings near transit, after vetoing a similar bill last year. CalBike strongly supported AB 2097, which was part of our active transportation slate.  The bill, authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman, will help address California’s housing shortage by making it […]

Ban beg buttons

Governor Signs Bill That Gives Pedestrians a Head Start

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed AB 2264, which will change the way Caltrans programs traffic lights for pedestrians. On state-controlled intersections, when Caltrans replaces or installs a traffic signal with a crosswalk, it must program the signal to give pedestrians a 3- to 7-second head start before car traffic moving the same direction gets a […]

Bike rider Lake Merritt Bikeway

Governor Signs SB 932, Plan for the Future Bill

For Immediate Release:  9/29/22 Contact: CalBike Kevin Claxton, 909.274.0137,  Plan for the Future Bill Signed by Governor SB 932 will accelerate green cities and active transportation Sacramento, CA – Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 932, the Plan for the Future Bill.  SB 932 requires a county or city to identify high-injury streets […]

Misch Anderson

How to Get a Replace Your Ride E-Bike Voucher in Southern California

CalBike recently reported on the experience of Berkeley resident Vicki Davis, who received an e-bike voucher from the Clean Cars for All program, administered by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, in December 2021. While it took some time, the process was relatively smooth for Davis to receive a $7,500 voucher in exchange for […]

Girl with father under BART tracks Ohlone Greenway Bikeway

Governor Signs Friedman’s Excellent OmniBike Bill, AB 1909

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed Assemblymember Laura Friedman’s excellent OmniBike Bill, AB 1909. The legislature presented Newsom with 16 active transportation bills, and he has, to date, signed seven of them and vetoed only one. CalBike applauds Assemblymember Friedman for her strong support of people on bikes and her leadership on active transportation and community […]

Why a Bicycle Coalition Supports Scooters — And You Should, Too

For the past three years, CalBike has waged a campaign against bills that would impose unprecedented insurance requirements on shared bikes and scooters. In 2020 and 2021, those bills didn’t make it through the legislature, but AB 371 is on the governor’s desk this year and could be signed into law. However, the bill’s final […]

Legislative Update: Active Transportation Wins Outnumber Losses as Bills Head to the Governor

The 2022 California legislative session included an impressive number of bike-friendly bills. At the end of the session on August 31, the active transportation scorecard is impressive:  3 bills have already been signed into law 16 bike-friendly bills are waiting for the governor’s signature 4 bills died in the legislature 1 bill was withdrawn by […]

Bicycle Safety Stop

CalBike Statement on the Withdrawal of the Bicycle Safety Stop Bill, AB 1713

CalBike is disappointed that AB 1713, the Bicycle Safety Stop, was withdrawn ahead of a likely veto from Governor Gavin Newsom. The bill would have allowed bike riders aged 18 and older to treat stop signs as yields. Riders would have been required to slow down, stop for pedestrians and cross traffic, and proceed carefully […]