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Yes on J Kid Safe SF
Girl with father under BART tracks Ohlone Greenway Bikeway
Normandie & Hollywood
San Francisco Critical Mass

Bicycle Advocacy Projects Young People Can Do to Get People Riding in 2023

Growing recognition of bicycling as an effective carbon-free transportation option has led more youth to get involved beyond just hopping on and riding. Bicycle advocacy can be a terrific basis for a community project for school, or just for fun.  We’ve put together some projects that serve as a good entry point to bicycle advocacy […]

Yes on J Kid Safe SF

San Francisco Voters Lead Surge in Car-Free California Streets

Photo courtesy of Kid Safe SF. The Slow Streets movement, spawned during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, has largely faded as communities remove barriers and erase safe spaces. But the experience of streets centered on community and placemaking seems to have given a boost to the movement for car-free spaces. Bike activists, including CalBike […]

Girl with father under BART tracks Ohlone Greenway Bikeway

Announcing the California Mobility Fund

CalBike is pleased to make it official: our tax-deductible arm, the California Bicycle Coalition Education Fund, has now become the California Mobility Fund. It took a while for the paperwork to be finalized, but we’re thrilled to dive into the new opportunities that will open for our rebranded, tax-deductible sister organization. The new name will […]

Normandie & Hollywood

Leading Pedestrian Interval Puts People Walking First

A leading pedestrian interval (LPI) gives pedestrians a 3- to 7-second head start on a walk signal before the parallel car traffic is given a green light. This simple, low-cost adjustment has been demonstrated to lower pedestrian-on-vehicle crashes by 13%. In 2022, CalBike advocated for a measure that will expand the use of LPIs (the […]


E-Bike Purchase Incentives FAQs

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the e-bike purchase incentive project that CalBike helped pass and that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is implementing. It’s an exciting program, and information hasn’t always been easy to come by. So we’ve compiled some of the most common questions from people who want to get […]

San Francisco Critical Mass

How Critical Mass Helped Create a Mass Movement to Take Back Our Streets

If you’ve ever been to a protest march, you’ve probably heard people chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” But those moments of collective action to take streets back from cars are, at least in the U.S., usually fleeting. The exception: Critical Mass. The monthly bike ride, which has taken place on the last Friday in San […]


CARB Electric Bicycle Incentives Project Work Group Report Back: September 28, 2022

On September 28, 2022, the California Air Resources Board held a follow-up meeting of the Electric Bicycle Incentives Project work group to continue the discussion from the August meeting on the pilot of the statewide e-bike voucher program, which will launch in 2023. Participants weighed in on what types of e-bikes should qualify, how to distribute […]

Catherine Blakespear

CalBike Endorsement: Vote for Catherine Blakespear for Senate District 38 by November 8th

Catherine Blakespear has been a steadfast champion of bicycle infrastructure and safe streets as Mayor of Encinitas. She’s an excellent choice for Senate District 38, which encompasses Northern San Diego County and Southern Orange County.  Blakespear has demonstrated her commitment to bold climate action by tackling some of her region’s largest sources of emissions: transportation, […]

Tasha Boerner Horvath

CalBike Endorsement: Vote for Tasha Boerner Horvath for Assembly District 77 by November 8

Tasha Boerner Horvath has proved herself a strong ally to active transportation in the Assembly. She runs this year in a redrawn district, placing her in AD 77 instead of 76. CalBike endorses her for Assembly District 77. Boerner Horvath understands the serious climate change impacts on her San Diego County district. As an Encinitas City […]

Steve Bennett

CalBike Endorsement: Vote for Steve Bennett for Assembly District 37 by November 8

CalBike is pleased to endorse Steve Bennett for District 37 assemblymember in the November 2022 elections. Steve Bennett’s platform reads like a bicycle advocate’s dream. He understands the importance of bicycling as a component of sustainable transportation and a socially just society. We endorsed him two years ago, and his record in the Assembly has […]

CalBike Endorsement: Vote for Gail Pellerin for Assembly District 28 by November 8th

As a lifelong public servant, Gail Pellerin has deep experience in the public impacts of fossil fuels and understands that we must move away from private vehicles as means of transportation. Pellerin believes that, to meet some of our most important public health state climate/environment priorities, we must drastically expand active transportation and public transportation. […]

Phil Ting

CalBike Endorsement: Vote for Phil Ting for Assembly District 19 by November 8th

Assemblymember Phil Ting may be one of the most consistent champions for the active transportation community in San Francisco and statewide. CalBike enthusastically supports Assemblymember Ting for re-election to make even more progress for bicyclists in California. Ting authored the Freedom to Walk Act, and he deserves credit for reworking it after last year’s veto […]