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complete streets law
Happy bike riders making their way down an extra wide bike lane on a verdant street.
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Dero-bike parking room

Incomplete Streets Part 2: District 12 Ignores Caltrans Policy on Bike and Pedestrian Needs 

Caltrans’ Complete Streets policy, DP-37, states in bold type: “all transportation projects funded or overseen by Caltrans will provide comfortable, convenient, and connected complete streets facilities for people walking, biking, and taking transit or passenger rail unless an exception is documented and approved.” The question is, what constitutes an exception? The answer appears to be: […]

Incomplete Streets Part 1: How Caltrans Shortchanges Pedestrians

Kendra Ramsey and Laura McCamy of CalBike and Laura Tolkoff from SPUR also contributed to this article. It is published concurrently on Streetsblog California. As our state heats up (literally), some of the most effective infrastructure for fighting climate change has been under siege. The governor cut $400 million from the Active Transportation Program (ATP) […]

complete streets law

Next Steps for Complete Streets Bill

Last week, the Complete Streets Bill, SB 960, passed the Assembly Transportation Committee by a wide margin (11-4). As Streetsblog correctly pointed out, the bill exited the committee weaker than it entered it, but CalBike still supports the measure, and we remain optimistic that its passage will spur Caltrans to do a better job providing […]

Happy bike riders making their way down an extra wide bike lane on a verdant street.

CTC Invites Public to Weigh in on Active Transportation Program

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) will hold a workshop next Wednesday to get public input on some choices it needs to make in administering Cycle 7 of the Active Transportation Program (ATP). The good news is that there will be a Cycle 7 since the governor’s proposed $600 million cut was partially rolled back. But […]

Budget Deal Partially Restores Active Transportation Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jared Sanchez,, (714)262-0921 SACRAMENTO — CalBike appreciates the Legislature and Governor’s efforts to restore the $600 million cut from the Active Transportation Program in the governor’s May Revise. The final budget, announced over the weekend, restores $100 million in the 2024-2025 fiscal year, with another $100 million promised for 2025-2026. […]

Yuba e-bike

What Is an E-Bike? A Guide to California E-Bike Classifications.

Note: This information was compiled in August of 2023 and updated in June 2024. California laws and regulations are subject to change. Please consult the California Vehicle Code (CVC) sections governing e-bikes for the most up-to-date information. Some of the recent furor over the increased presence of e-bikes on California streets has centered on mobility […]


E-Bike Bills and Regulations Update

As e-bikes grow more popular, a spate of bills and regulations have cropped up at the state and local levels. CalBike is following several measures in the California legislature that relate to e-bikes. We’re also keeping an eye on new local measures that restrict e-bike use, mostly in Southern California. Here’s a complete recap of […]

The Importance of Intentionality when Creating Gender-Expansive Space in Bicycle Communities

The Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles, a volunteer-operated bicycle workspace, recently launched FTWNB Fridays, a special time from 6 pm to 9 pm dedicated to supporting and celebrating volunteers who are femme, trans women, and non-binary individuals. Join them at 4429 Fountain Ave in Los Angeles for this inclusive and empowering event. This guest post […]

Dero-bike parking room

Help Shape Proposed Bicycle Parking Amendments in Building Code

The Building Standards Commission is updating the California Building Standards Code sections governing bicycle parking, pursuant to a 2022 law CalBike helped pass. That law requires bicycle parking standards to be added to the code during its next update.  The commission seeks public comment by July 1, 2024. You can view the proposed rules online […]

Class III Bikeways: Sharing the Lane

Two bills in the legislature right now are shining a spotlight on Class III bikeways and how we should and should not deploy them. CalBike has heard from some bike riders who rely on Class III bikeways and don’t want to see them restricted. So we want to take a look at California’s bikeway classification […]

Youth Bike Council Improves Youth Health Two Wheels at a Time

This post was written by the National Youth Bike Council. CalBike is delighted to see a new generation of advocates working together through NYBC and the Youth Bike Summit. Top photo: Youth Bike Summit youth-only attendees take a photo in 2016 Bicycles serve as a great catalyst, more now than ever, in aiding youth health […]

Remembering Bill Walton, Friend to CalBike

There have been lots of remembrances of Bill Walton, who died May 27, 2024, at age 71. He touched the lives of many people. Here at CalBike, we remember him as someone who loved bikes and supported the goal of making our state more bike-friendly. Known primarily for his legendary career on the basketball court, […]