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Support the Bicycle Safety Stop

Let bikes treat stop signs as yields. The safety stop is legal in eight other states and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has endorsed it. It’s time for California to adopt this commonsense biking law.

Decriminalize Safe Walking.

The Freedom to Walk Bill will end jaywalking tickets for safe midblock crossings. Every day, pedestrians make rational choices about the safest time and place to cross the street to get where they’re going. People who walk shouldn’t get jaywalking tickets unless they endanger themselves or others. Tell your elected leaders to support the Freedom to Walk Bill.

California Must Plan for the Future.

Climate change is ravaging California. We must accelerate our transition to carbon-free transportation, and a crucial part of that is biking and walking. The Plan for the Future Bill will require cities and counties to update their circulation plans to make biking and walking safer. And it mandates general plan updates to make streets safer and then requires communities to start implementing the plan quickly.

$2 Billion for Bikes!

Make the investment match the rhetoric. The Governor and legislators supposedly support safe streets for people walking and biking, but their decisions to spend less than 98% on cars and transit and 1% each on biking and walking reveals their true priorities. Let’s change that!

E-Bike Purchase Incentives

California has $10 million for e-bikes. The purchase incentive program should be in place by July 2022. Add your name to get notified when e-bike subsidies become available.

Save Bike-Share

AB 371 threatens private and public bike-share systems. It imposes an unprecedented requirement that providers of the systems carry insurance to pay for the liability for damage caused by the users, even with zero fault of the provider. The novel requirement is prohibitively expensive and will make equitable expansion of bike share impossible.

Volunteer with CalBike

The movement for safe streets and healthy communities in California needs you! We regularly need volunteers in the Bay Area or in Sacramento. In addition, we often have positions for volunteers working remotely. As a volunteer, you can gain valuable experience, connect with interesting people, and have fun!

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Become a member of the California Bicycle Coalition (or renew your membership). Your membership in CalBike supports our efforts to get bike-friendly legislation passed in Sacramento and to secure more funding for bikes in California. We work with local bike coaltions to make sure communities have a voice in the state capitol.