Sign the Petition: End Parking Minimums Near Transit

AB 1401 will end local car parking mandates that subsidize automobile storage at the expense of transit, walking, and biking.

AB 1401 will make it easier to build the housing California badly needs

Today, most places in California require developers to set aside massive amounts of space for car parking, even in new housing supported by great transit service. Streets that should be inviting to people walking and biking are made unfriendly by parking garages and increased traffic. We are forced to sacrifice plentiful housing for people to build housing for cars. 

Assembly Bill 1401 (Laura Friedman) would change that. It prohibits mandatory parking requirements within a half-mile of public transit. Sign the petition to show your support.

Ending parking mandates is a great example of an intersectional policy that positively impacts housing, safety, walking, biking, and public transit. And it’s a win for the climate.

Sign the petition now to ask our elected leaders to stop sacrificing homes for people in favor of car storage space.

Sign now, and tell all your friends, to end senseless parking minimums. 

Dear California Assembly Members and Senators,

I support homes for people, not cars. Please vote YES on the Parking Minimum Reduction Bill (AB 1401, Friedman) to end parking mandates.

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