A New Vision for California

AB 1147 would have created a framework for building 15-minute cities and bicycle freeways.

Photo of Auckland bikeway courtesy of Sam Corbett, Alta Planning + Design

Imagine living in a neighborhood where you could easily walk or bike to school, work, and shopping. That’s a 15-minute neighborhood (where services are within a 15-minute bike ride), Perhaps you work farther away, but it’s still no problem because your crosstown commute is fast and fun on a separated, limited-access bicycle highway. Those are just two of the forward-thinking concepts in AB 1147.

California can’t meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets with business as usual. Assemblymember Friedman’s visionary bill will help pave the way for a car-lite future that is better for California’s climate and residents.

The bill has passed the Assembly, but it still needs to pass the Senate and get the governor’s signature to become law. Sign our petition to show your support for this visionary transportation planning bill.