Transportation Justice

We elevate low-income communities to shape and have more control over transportation policy.

We work to change power dynamics to give community residents more control over transportation policy and spending decisions, especially in historically marginalized and disenfranchised low-income communities of color. We push for increased transportation investments in lower-income communities. Our work will ensure that everyone in California gets the equitable mobility options, particularly biking and walking infrastructure, they need.

We develop powerful partnerships with champions for our justice priorities and foster meaningful conversations with decision-makers and thought-leaders, providing a link between statewide policy and local implementation, working toward more equitable and just transportation policy for California.

Our state invests billions in transportation each year, but fails to meet the mobility needs of lower-income people, or worse, directly harms vulnerable residents by subjecting them to more pollution or adding to displacement pressures. CalBike works tirelessly to bring inclusion, transparency, and accountability to state-level decision-making so that future transportation investments will include the priorities and needs of our most vulnerable residents and we can begin to reverse the decades-long trend of regions and cities having unaccountable power to spend state and federal funds in inequitable ways.

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Sign Your Name – Support Complete Streets

In 2019 we’re poised to win a victory that could bring Complete Streets elements—bike lanes, safe crossings, safe transit stops—to state-owned surface streets.

Ask California to Provide Incentives for E-bikes

Ask for California clean vehicle dollars to support the ultimate clean vehicle: the electric bicycle.

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