A Stronger Movement

A Stronger Movement

We bolster the movement for transportation justice by supporting allies from neighborhood activists to elected officials.

We work to strengthen the power of advocates for bicycling, sustainable transportation and their many interrelated movements by advancing and  supporting our local bicycle advocacy and social justice partners and bridging them to state policy change. We elect champions to office and facilitate powerful education and encouragement programs.

Absolutely central to our work is the coordination and strengthening of our network of local and regional organizations, including the impressive cohort of youth leaders who gather biannually at the California Bicycle Summit. We deliver resources to these groups through our events and workshops and through revenue generated by the bicycle-themed DMV license plate we are working to develop.

We monitor state agencies and share information with these bicycling and transportation justice advocates to help them organize responses to new threats and new opportunities. Together we will shift the state narrative around mobility and build a unified movement that fights for more livable and healthy communities for everyone.

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Take Action

Sign Your Name – Support Complete Streets

In 2019 we’re poised to win a victory that could bring Complete Streets elements—bike lanes, safe crossings, safe transit stops—to state-owned surface streets.

Ask California to Provide Incentives for E-bikes

Ask for California clean vehicle dollars to support the ultimate clean vehicle: the electric bicycle.

Join The California Bicycle Coalition Today

Do you care about bicycling? We need your support to make California a better place to ride a bike and to get more people riding.

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