California Bicycle Summit

Past Summits

The 2024 California Bicycle Summit was held in San Diego April 18 to 19, 2024. Filled with information sharing, coalition building, networking, and new ideas. A group forming to advocate for bicycle education in K-12 classrooms gathered steam. Large groups visited San Diego’s biking and walking infrastructure. And plenaries and breakout sessions delivered thought-provoking discussions.

The 2022 California Bicycle Summit took place April 6 to 9 in Uptown Oakland, with sold-out attendance and rave reviews for fantastic sessions and events. The Summit began on Wednesday night with an amazing night of movies at the New Parkway Theater, with a rich and inspiring program of bicycle shorts. There isn’t room here to go into detail about all the inspiring breakout sessions on topics including a new paradigm for safe streets among state leadership, next steps in mobility justice, connecting housing policy with biking, and so much more. You can watch most of the 2022 sessions on Calbike’s Youtube channel.

The 2019 California Bicycle Summit was held in Los Angeles on October 15-17, 2019. In addition to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of CalBike, the Summit highlighted the contributions of a wide range of bike advocates. Participants heard from politicians and agency heads who understand the urgent need to build safe bike infrastructure. We were inspired by local activists who create community through bike culture. More than 300 attendees gathered for a rich program of breakout workshops, plenaries, bike and walking tours, and parties and social events.

The 2017 California Bicycle Summit took place in Sacramento October 3-6, 2017. Starting with an Opening Reception on Tuesday evening October 3, including 32 panels, four plenaries, bike tours, a special reception with City officials and a huge party at the Sacramento Railroad Museum, it’s the bike event of the year.

Our 2015 Summit, Equity in Motion in San Diego was fantastic; participants shared their successes and challenges in promoting equity and community building through bicycling; planners and policymakers shared exciting changes afoot in the private and public sectors; and all of us participated in challenging discussions on how the bicycle advocacy movement can better include and benefit California’s diverse communities. Click here for a look at the program including many presentations available for download.

In 2013 in Oakland, the California Bicycle Summit included a diverse range of activities from an address by our Secretary of Transportation Brian Kelly to a surprise visit by Bike Party. Click here for a link to a short video and the program with many presentations.