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Support CalBike’s legislative efforts by promoting action alerts and petitions on a variety of critical issues. A few of our current campaigns:

  • The Kill Bike-Share Bill (AB 371) would require providers of shared bikes and scooters (whether a private company or a transit agency) to assume liability for damage and injury caused through no fault of their own, including by the rider’s own negligence.
  • The OmniBike Bill (AB 1909), authored by Assemblymember Laura Friedman, makes four crucial changes to California’s vehicle code. The provisions of this bill will remove pretexts for harassing people on bikes, help people on bikes and people in cars share the road more safely, expand e-bike access, and legalize commonsense biking. While each provision alone may seem small, taken together they represent a significant step forward in recognizing the rights of bicyclists to safely access public bikeways and streets.

  • The Plan for the Future Bill (SB 932) will accelerate the transition to green cities that not only reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions but also create safer and healthier communities.
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Our campaigns typically cost $60K to $120K to run. A two-year campaign might run $200K. We fund our campaigns partially through individual support. Many foundations won’t fund our political work, so we rely on individual and corporate donors for our lobbying work. CalBike develops a business plan for each campaign. Our top priorities for 2022:

  • Connected Bikeway Networks. A game-changing $500M grant program that would offer large grants of $25-50M to communities to close the gaps in their bicycle infrastructure, creating networks of interconnected neighborhood streets, bike paths, and protected bike lanes so that people of all ages and abilities can safely and comfortably ride a bicycle where they need to go. 
  • Seamless Bike and Scooter Share as Public Transit. Get pilot funding for transit systems to provide bike and scooter share to customers, using the same payment card, and for the cost of a regular ticket or transfer. This transformative program would make transit more attractive and convenient and make micromobility accessible to all.
  • Safety Stop. Pass a law to allow bicyclists to use stop signs as yield signs.
  • Legalize Mid-block Crossing. Pass a law to decriminalize jaywalking, eliminating a common pretense for the over-policing of Black and Latinx people as they move through the world.
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Promote the CalBike Summit

  • Include in your e-newsletter
  • Direct email your customers, vendors, clients, customers. You can find suggested posts and images here: Partner Toolkit.
  • Sponsor the Summit and join us an a vendor / exhibitor (see the brochure here)
  • Sponsor paid social media. We are currently running Facebook ads and are happy to have you either run your own campaign (using our assets) or contribute to funding.

Other avenues to participate in the Summit:

  • Demo your product at the Summi
  • Sponsor the Virtual Summit (we’re live-streaming the event)

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