Tell Your Assembly Member: Vote YES on AB 117

E-bikes are the cleanest electric vehicle.
They deserve the same subsidies as cars.

E-bikes make it easy to travel farther, faster, and over more challenging terrain than a regular bike. Studies of North American e-bike users show that up to 75% of e-bike trips replace car trips.

Electric bicycles can transform green transportation. Yet California does little to support e-bike purchases.

CalBike’s campaign to create a $10 million e-bike affordability program will change this. We are sponsoring  AB 117, to create an e-bike incentive program. Email your assembly member and tell them to vote YES on AB 117, the E-Bike Affordability Bill.

Kids on e-bike
e-bikes deserve rebates


6 more reasons to that e-bikes should be affordable for all Californians:

  1. California’s current strategies are not working to reduce greenhouse gases in the transportation sector. We need to do something different. A large increase in e-bike use could replace enough car trips to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.
  2. The price of an electric bike is out of reach for many Californians. The purchase incentives in AB 117 will give people who couldn’t otherwise afford an e-bike the financial support they need.
  3. E-bikes cost pennies to charge. They are one of the most efficient, convenient, and cheap to operate forms of transportation. E-bikes will save families money.  
  4. E-bikes allow people who couldn’t otherwise ride to get out on a bike. An electric motor lets you carry heavy loads and passengers you might not be able to manage under your own power. 
  5. E-bikes help people become healthier and happier. Bike riding reduces health care costs, improves air quality, and provides excellent exercise. E-bikes replace smog-spewing car trips and allow more people to realize the health benefits of bikes.
  6. E-bikes give people who live in public transit deserts an affordable alternative to costly car dependency.