Bike Sharing

Advocating for public bike-share systems.

Public bike share systems are a game-changer. They dramatically expand the places one can reach quickly and easily. They are a type of public transit that gives the same mobility as individual private transport, without the public or private costs. They represent an official public statement that bicycling is an important part of our public transportation mix.

Bike sharing is very safe. Over 32,000 bikes in 105 municipalities throughout the country have hosted more than 100 million rides since the first ride in August 2008. Despite the fact that riders almost never wear safety gear such as a helmet when riding a bike share bike, only one fatality — not due to head injury — has been reported.

Bike share systems are expanding in California, but not nearly fast enough. Vastly different business models confuse the public and impede progress. Expensive pricing structures and profit-oriented distribution policies prevent bike share from serving the low-income communities.

CalBike supports expansion of public subsidies for bike share, especially in disadvantaged communities, and notched a huge win in 2018 when the Air Resources Board included bike share and electric bike share as eligible for $15 million in support from its Clean Mobility Options program.