Bicycle Awareness License Plate FAQs

Is that what the specialty bike awareness plate will look like?

No. This is not the final design, or even a proposal for the design.

The final design will not read “California Bicycle Coalition,” nor will it have our logo on it. We haven’t started working on the design yet — we need a lot more people to fill out first. And then we will turn to a professional designer with strong community ties to help.

Can we have a big landscape in the background of the plate like the ‘whale tail’ plate?

No. The image on the left does legally have to be the size of the blue square shown above, and on the left like the Firefighters’ plate. Specialty license plates with background images, like the whale plate, have been outlawed by the CHP so machines can more easily read the six letters.

Yes, six letters. Specialty license plates have six letters instead of seven, and yes, you can still order personalized characters.

What if I don’t like that slogan?

The slogan at the bottom that reads “Enabling more people to bicycle” is going to be replaced with a slogan chosen by you, the community, and must be in line with the mission of the state agency chosen to sponsor the program. You may vote for your favorite slogan at

How many pre-orders are needed for launch?

To implement the program, 7,500 plates must be pre-ordered within 12 months of the DMV giving the design and program the go-ahead. If the pre-order quota is not fulfilled, all dollars will be returned. In order to sustain the program, we must maintain a minimum of 7,500 plates as well.

How much would a pre-order cost? What are the ongoing costs?

To start a specialty plate program like a bicycle themed one, the initial fee to order the plate cost $50 (for 6 sequential characters) or $98 (for 6 personalized characters) and annual renewal costs are $35 (sequential) or $73 (personalized).

Can the specialty plates be purchased on behalf or for another person so that they can be given as gifts?


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