CalBike Announces 2016 Senate and Assembly Endorsements

by / September 19, 2016

"Biking is an important transportation mode that is necessary to preserve our quality of life," said Henry Stern, candidate for the California State Senate District 27.

His answers to our questionnaire and those of twelve other candidates showed a commitment to social change trough bicycling that earned our endorsement in this November's election. 

We chose to focus on thirteen races where the bike vote can make a difference. They are close races where the views of the candidates differ greatly or where the candidate is a key decision maker in Sacramento and a real champion of bicycling.

CalBike will reach out to bicyclists in those 13 districts to make it clear what hangs in the balance for bicycling in November's election, where representatives at the state and local level often have much more to do with our quality of life than those at the national level. 

Endorsed candidates support more funding for bicycle infrastructure, including a new program to build complete bike networks. They support a requirement that all road projects consider bicycle and pedestrian safety. They support Vision Zero. They all said they would join a ride with local bike advocates to learn more about how bicycling can improve their communities and what they can do about it in Sacramento. 

To see the candidates' actual answers, look at this spreadsheet from the primary election or this spreadsheet from the few candidates we additionally endorsed in the general election. 

Here is the list of endorsed candidates (newly endorsed candidates indicated with a *):

SD 3  Mariko Yamada*

SD 9  Nancy Skinner

SD 27  Henry Stern*

SD 35  Steven Bradford

SD 37  Ari Grayson*

SD 39  Toni Atkins

AD 37  Monique Limon

AD 40  Abigail Medina

AD 43  Laura Friedman

AD 47  Eloise Gomez Reyes*

AD 65  Sharon Quirk Silva

AD 66  Al Muratsuchi

AD 78  Todd Gloria

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