Welcome Vijay Talada to the CA Traffic Control Devices Committee

by / October 09, 2016

 Caltrans HQ just announced the appointment of Vijay Telada, the new head Editor for California's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and the executive for the Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This wonky position matters for bicycling because the committee regulates every sign, stripe, and signal that is allowed to appear on California's streets. It was this committee, for example, that approved the design of the country's first official sign reminding motorists of the Three Feet for Safety Act.

Telada's appointment was announced in the following memo by Duper Tong, Chief of the Office of Traffic Engineering at Caltrans HQ:


"I am pleased to announce the selection of Vijay Talada as the Editor of the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD) and Executive Secretary of the California Traffic Control Devices Committee (CTCDC) in the Division of Traffic Operations, effective on September 12, 2016. With this promotion to Senior Transportation Engineer, Vijay will work with stakeholders from the FHWA, Caltrans, the CHP and other States, local agencies, interest groups and the public.

Vijay has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology-Warangal, India, and a Master of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a focus in Transportation Engineering. He is a licensed Civil Engineer and Traffic Engineer with the State of California.

He joined the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in June 2006 as a Transportation Engineer for District 10’s Traffic Safety Branch. At the District 10-Traffic Safety Branch, Vijay was the Lead for District 10’s Pedestrian Safety Program, Americans with Disabilities Act Program and Suggested Routes to School investigations. In 2012, he received Superior accomplishment award for Innovation for implementing Miovision Technology to collect traffic volume data for Traffic Investigations which lead to significant cost savings and improve Caltrans workers safety.

Vijay has acted as a Senior Transportation Engineer in District 10 and at Headquarters. As Acting Chief of Traffic Safety Branch in District 10, he reviewed and approved Traffic Safety Investigations, Speed Zone Surveys, initiated Safety Projects and provided traffic engineering consultation to Project Development Teams, District Maintenance, and Encroachment Permits.

As Acting Chief of Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Branch with the HQ Division of Traffic Operations, he performed legislative bill analysis, coordinated with HQ Division of Design and FHWA in developing guidance for Class IV bikeway. He was the co-lead for the Pedestrian Safety challenge area in the California Strategic Highway Safety Plan. 

I would also like to thank and extend my appreciation to Atifa Ferouz for her dedication and excellent work as the acting Editor of the CA MUTCD in the past few months.

Please join me in welcoming Vijay to his new position."

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