Local Partners

Our grassroots power is strengthened by local organizations who share our vision of safer, healthier, more prosperous and more equitable communities. We have 16 formally recognized local partners with a combined membership of over 30,000 people and more than 50 full-time staff working to improve their communities for bicycling. Our local partners sit on our Policy Advisory Council with strategic influence and the power to appoint three members of our Board of Directors. The above map and following list includes our formal local partners. Our network of local allies extends beyond these formal partners to the groups listed down below.

Our Formal Partners

Bike East Bay

Bike Bakersfield

Bike Santa Cruz County

Bike SLO County

Chico Velo Cycling Club

Inland Empire Biking Alliance

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Napa County Bicycle Coalition

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates 

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition 

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

Shasta Living Streets

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition 

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition


Other Local Allies

Bikeable Communities  (Long Beach)

Bike Alameda

Better Bike Beverly Hills

Bicycling Monterey

Bike San Diego

Bike San Gabriel Valley

Butte Bicycle Coalition

C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change thru LIVE Exchange)  (Los Angeles)

Culver City Bicycle Coalition

Davis Bicycles!

East Side Riders Bike Club  (Los Angeles)

Fresno County Bicycle Coalition

Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

Merced Bicycle Coalition

Montebello Bicycle Coalition

Orange County Bicycle Coalition

Pomona Valley Bike Coalition

Santa Monica Spoke

San Joaquin Bike Coalition

South Bay Bicycle Coalition

Ventura Bicycle Union

Walk Bike Glendale

Walk & Bike Mendocino 

West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition

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