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by / June 20, 2018

CalBike friends and all friends of California’s Trails;

Riding between San Francisco and Humboldt on mostly carfree trails will be a gorgeous possibility if the Great Redwood Trail is built as envisioned by Senate Bill 1029, introduced by Senator Mike McGuire. The bill would disband the North Coast Railroad Authority and replace it with the Great Redwood Trail Agency to build the trail north of Willits. The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit agency would oversee trail and rail development from Willits to the south.

SB 1029 passed the State Senate, but it lacks critical funding and needs your help to move forward: the NCRA’s meager $10 million debt must be paid off before the deal can go through. Please contact Governor Brown and any other influencers you may know.

The Great Redwood Trail needs your help now!

Governor Jerry Brown will make a decision on this in the next few days. Old-fashioned phone calls to the office will be the most effective. Don’t bother emailing. Please call now. Let us know if you made a call and how it went.

Call the Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.: (916) 445-2841

Simple and sufficient message: “Please support funding for SB 1029 to convert the North Coast Railroad Authority to the Great Redwood Trail”.

More talking points:

Feel free to add anything personal about the vision of the Trail or the bill.

  • “I’m calling from [where you live] to ask the Governor to support funding for Sen. McGuire’s SB 1029 - the bill that replaces the North Coast Railroad Authority with a 300-mile trail.”  
  • “NCRA could be bankrupt in a few months, and we don’t want to lose this opportunity to protect this public right-of-way or the economic development for the region.”
  • “We are asking the Governor to help find the funding needed to buy out the NCRA debts, and to establish this new agency to build the Great Redwood Trail.”

It will take a while, but someday we'll be able to pedal through the redwoods safely distracted by their beauty, not worrying about drivers unsafely distracted on narrow roads.

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