Fresno Set to Win

by / October 11, 2016

CalBike traveled to Fresno on August 27th to conduct our “Winning Campaigns” Training. Working with about a dozen members of diverse groups, including Cultiva La Salud, the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition, the Dolores Huerta Foundation and the Fresno Cycling Club, we walked participants through the seven elements of a winning campaign plan, including how to set goals, get media attention, identify targets and win arguments with policy makers and the public to get a ‘yes’ vote on your most important campaigns. Fresno area activists now have solid plans to win campaigns like bike share in Bakersfield, road diets, complete streets policies, and even a better animal control policy to protect walkers and bikers from stray dogs. For an inspiring peek at the participants as the announce their plans, check out this 4-minute video.

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