CalBike Endorses Christy Smith for AD 38

by / May 11, 2018

Vote for Christy Smith for Assembly

The incumbent was no friend to bicycling as Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Clarita and in the Assembly reliably voted against our bills to improve bike safety. He wants to use gas tax money to widen roads instead of maintaining them. He deserves to be defeated by Christy Smith who scored an impressive A for excellent on our questionnaire.  

Assembly District 38 serves northern Los Angeles County extending from Simi Valley to Santa Clarita. This part of the state, with its sprawling suburbs and major freeways, poses extra challenges for active transportation given overwhelming automobile dependence. Given that context, that is why we are further impressed by Christy Smith and her transportation platform that centers public transit, biking, and walking in meeting our state’s environmental sustainability, public health and social equity goals. Christy Smith is clearly making it priority to serve all residents of her district, including low-income populations that are often marginalized, especially in suburban areas. In her questionnaire responses she “absolutely supports prioritizing low-income and working communities and believe we need to update our infrastructure funding and land use models to incorporate residents that walk, bike, and utilize public transit”. That is the type of change we can get behind for AD 38.

The rest of Christy’s questionnaire responses are impressive for its breadth and depth of knowledge. For these reasons, we are excited to see Christy emerge as a prominent challenger in the AD 38 race, and we look forward to seeing her provide the leadership needed to work toward safer and more sustainable transportation alternatives for all of the district’s residents.

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