What is Transportation Justice?

by / March 24, 2017

As part of a coalition of state transportation leaders*, CalBike is pushing to raise the profile of  transportation justice within the Legislature. We’re sponsoring a bill that is part of the Transportation Equity Bill Package, but we recognize that changing transportation decision-making to prioritize benefits to people and neighborhoods that have long been burdened or neglected by our transportation system is a generational effort. We’re joining the fight for transportation justice for the long haul.

As we take early steps to elevate transportation justice in state policy you may be asking: what do we mean by transportation justice?

With our state partners, we crafted this vision and issue statement, and are actively seeking out justice leaders in the Legislature to carry this forward.

In short, transportation decision-making is dominated by road and highway interests, logistics and goods movement industries, and the oil industry. Transportation systems have been systematically built to destroy and divide communities along racial and income lines, and continue to harm the health, safety, and prosperity of low-income communities of color today. Decision-making continues to shut out voices and representation from low-income communities and communities of color.

The state and the country have made strides in equality and civil rights, but injustice is apparent every day on our streets and in the halls of power that make transportation policy and investment decisions. Transportation is about more than getting around; it shapes neighborhoods, freedoms, benefits, and opportunities.

Engaging the Legislature to address transportation justice is a path to protect individuals who ride bikes, who move around on our streets, and who are concerned with fairness and opportunity for all in our communities.

Read our issue statement here and learn more about how we define transportation justice. 


*A group comprised of the following organizations: California Bicycle Coalition, California Walks, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, ClimatePlan, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, PolicyLink, Public Advocates, and TransForm


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