Vote No on Prop 70

by / May 11, 2018

Proposition 70 was put on the ballot to appease climate change deniers and oil and car interests to make it harder to sustain California’s landmark Cap-and-Trade greenhouse gas emission reduction plan that is critical to billions of dollars in funding of our state's efforts to stop global warming, including substantial funds for bicycling.

California’s climate investments have been a critical source of funding for clean transportation (of course including bicycling) and energy, affordable housing, and other programs that improve the health and resilience of communities across the state, especially disadvantaged communities. Proposition 70 is a direct threat to these climate investments.

If passed, Proposition 70 would jeopardize California’s climate investments by subjecting the funds generated through the Cap and Trade program to a two-thirds approval vote, instead of a simple majority. This could significantly delay and hamper the Legislature’s ability to allocate the climate investments.

See our alignment with many other organizations across the state in saying No to Prop 70.


Official CA Voter Guide: Prop 70

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