Reflecting Back on the 2017 Transportation Equity Summit & Advocacy Day

by / May 06, 2017

Nearly one hundred transportation equity advocates and practitioners across the state gathered on April 24th and 25th in Sacramento at our co-sponsored 2017 Transportation Equity Summit and Advocacy Day.


Photo by Michael Halberstadt

The Summit was headlined by Diane Takvorian, Executive Director of Environmental Health Council and James Corless, Executive Director of Sacramento Area Council of Governments. Both keynote speakers underlined the importance of making transportation policies and investments that put low-income communities of color first in the decision-making process. The rest of the Summit’s events carried this same theme reflected in two recurring breakout sessions.


Photo by Michael Halberstadt

One session, moderated by Executive Director of Investing In Place Jessica Meaney, discussed the success and failures of local ballot measures and the effort to create equitable transportation investments at the local level. The other session of the day, moderated by CalBike's Policy Associate Jared Sanchez, grappled with the long-standing struggle in developing mutually beneficial partnerships between state-level advocates and grassroots organizations working on very similar goals but often rarely in collaboration.


Photo by Michael Halberstadt

At the end of the day, advocates discussed the Transportation Equity Bill Package, along with a draft set of Transportation Justice Principles, to prepare attendees for advocacy day the following morning. The next day, advocates met directly with over 40 state legislators to voice their hopes and concerns with equitable transportation policy in their neighborhoods and regions. 


Photo by Michael Halberstadt

The broad local and regional representation at the summit offered both rural and urban stakeholders an opportunity to share their unique challenges and to learn from one another’s successes. From encouraging transportation planners to get out into the field to calling for meaningful public involvement in every step of the local and state planning, implementation, and review process, the speakers and attendees at this year’s summit were challenged to advocate for and create transportation that truly reflects the needs of all.

This year’s dynamic summit equipped attendees and policy makers with new resources and inspired fresh calls to action, all while renewing and strengthening our shared commitment to equitable transportation.

Check out more pictures from the Summit here and our partner TransForm’s multimedia recap.


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