Dave Snyder, Executive Director

Dave is a long-time organizer and advocate for socially just transportation and land-use policies. He rides his bike for most trips in his home city in Oakland, including to and from the Capitol Corridor train to Sacramento. He got his start in bike advocacy as the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition where he built the organization from a membership of 1 to 4,000. Email Dave. 


Jenn Guitart, Development Director

Jenn has been raising money for social justice and social services organizations for two decades. Not until starting with CalBike in 2014, though, could she say that she had her dream job. Jenn holds an MA in anthropology, with a focus on media and intellectual property in Cuba, and dreams of one day riding her bike from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. She has spent the past few years training two small, but committed, bike commuters. She is Cuban-American, and enjoys playing music and eating good food. Email Jenn


Jared Sanchez, Senior Policy Advocate

Jared is based in Sacramento making his way through the labyrinth connecting policy to people. Prior to CalBike, Jared worked in the social justice research world focusing on issues of immigrant integration, regional equity and racial desegregation. He holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Southern California. Email Jared


Linda Khamoushian, Senior Policy Advocate

Linda is a Los Angeles native, and a graduate of UC Berkeley and UCLA. She holds a Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning. Linda has been an active transportation advocate for several years and has been involved in local efforts to create a more walkable and bikeable Los Angeles. Prior to joining CalBike, Linda worked as an urban planning researcher in health equity, environment, and transportation. She has over 10 years of experience in organizational development, public policy, and community engagement. She also has a strong passion for protecting and preserving the environment, and seeks opportunities to promote well-being of the planet and the population. Email Linda


Mallory Lynn Hill, Communications Manager

Mallory comes to CalBike after spending the last few years in political communication and policy analysis in San Francisco; they believe deeply in the power of civic engagement and enjoy the challenge of helping stakeholders, advocates, and policymakers interact effectively. Mallory holds a degree in government and has a background in urban planning, electioneering, criminal justice reform, and social enterprise development. 8 years in bike-friendly Portland, Oregon working as an advocate for people experiencing homelessness kindled both Mallory's love of riding and a drive to elevate underrepresented voices in the policy process. An Oakland native, they are dedicated to building safe, sustainable, and welcoming communities and see biking, walking, and public transit as integral tools in that effort. Email Mallory.


Debbie Brubaker, Ride Director, California Dream Ride

Debbie is the typical native Californian - she’s happiest when outdoors enjoying the sunshine. An experienced cyclist, Debbie has cycled through Italy, Spain, and across the US. Several years ago, she decided to combine her love of entertaining and cycling into a new career. Starting her own bike tour company has combined her passion for cycling, love of the outdoors, and commitment to bicycle advocacy. Email Debbie.


Minnie Phan, Development Assistant

Minnie Phan comes to CalBike via the Bay Area arts scene, having worked in local nonprofit arts organizations since 2013. Minnie brings to bike advocacy her passion for promoting mental health and empowering communities to be creative, active, and inspired. When she isn’t exploring the Bay Area on two wheels, she makes zines and illustrations for clients across the U.S. Email Minnie.

Jamie Smith, Administrative Assistant

Jamie comes to CalBike after working in natural resources for several years; hiking and traveling around the Western states. She loves to bike around Oakland, hike in the hills, and tend her garden. She is a California native and holds a bachelors in Plant Sciences from UC Santa Cruz. Email Jamie


Dan Kluger, Bookkeeper

Platinum Advisors, LLC, Lobbyists

CalBike is represented in Sacramento by Platinum Advisors Beau Biller and Steve Wallach match their impressive  knowledge and experience about transportation with strong reputations among decision makers in the halls of government in Sacramento.

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Photo credit: Ahlyzik Monroe

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