Over 80 Organizations Stand with CalBike Calling for Reforms on Proposed Spending Package

by / February 08, 2017

On Monday, 82 organizations endorsed a set of recommendations, developed by CalBike and our allies, to call for changes in a deal to increase revenue for transportation system maintenance. The deal, two years in the making, invests too much in the old transportation paradigm of roads, including expansion. It will keep people stuck in their cars instead of giving Californians real,  sustainable and affordable options.  

A letter delivered to Senate Transportation Committee Chair Jim Beall of San Jose, Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier of Oakley, and Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly, expresses support for the main goal of the funding deal -- new revenue to maintain roads -- and some specific aspects of the deal, including its increased investment in the Active Transportation Program to provide more grants to local jurisdictions for trails, bikeways, and sidewalks, Open Streets events and Safe Routes to School programs. However, in order to make real progress in reforming our transportation system for the future, the 82 organizations signed on to the letter are asking for the following key reforms to be included in the package: 

  1. Prioritize the funding toward vulnerable, low-income communities that who are disproportionately in need of alternative transportation options, greater mobility, and bear the brunt of the health and safety impacts of our transportation system.
  2. Dramatically increase funding to provide high-quality, efficient transit service especially for low-income individuals and families.
  3. Ensure we can meet our state climate change and air quality standards by carefully tracking any investment spent on expanding roads and freeways.
  4. Require expertise in climate change, environmental justice, walk, bike, and transit for future appointments to the California Transportation Commission, which oversees state and federal transportation funding and advises the Legislature.
  5. Protect the integrity of the California Environmental Quality Act, which reduces environmental impacts and improves transportation project outcomes.


[Read full letter here.]






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