Making Protected Bike Lanes the New Normal

by / August 12, 2016

This month, we’re taking an important step in our campaign to promote protected bike lanes among the state’s traffic engineers and policy makers. With the expert guidance of Alta Planning + Design, we developed a 4-page fact sheet to demonstrate how important protected bike lanes are, and how easy they are to build.

The document, “Class IV Separated Bikeways: Approved for Use in California”

is being sent to the leaders of California’s 50 most populous cities. Its audience includes elected officials and traffic engineers. City council presidents and mayors will be reminded that protected bike lanes serve their constituents and make for great photo opportunities, while city traffic engineers will be reminded that these facilities are completely approved by Caltrans and be directed to resources, including California’s official design manual.

By sending to both audiences simultaneously, we hope to defeat the argument that elected officials often get: “We can’t do that, it’s not approved.” To request that your city receive a brochure, email Dave Snyder. Or, just download it and send it yourself. You can download the print version or web version, or view it here:







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