Busy Policy Season in Sacramento: CalBike's Top Priorities

by / March 11, 2017

The deadline for introducing bills for the 2017 Legislative Session was mid February, and the CalBike Policy Team is busy in the Capitol working on a full legislative slate. For a complete list of bills that we’re sponsoring, supporting, and tracking this year, check out our 2017 Legislative Tracker.

One of our biggest efforts this session is to pass a transportation funding package that truly reflects balanced investments in bicycling, walking, and transit. Senate Bill 1 and Assembly Bill 1, the transportation package legislation pieces, need to be revised in order to reflect what is needed most out of a robust transportation system. CalBike continues to lead a broad coalition that is pushing the envelop to expand the funding package to include a sound investment in affordable and sustainable transportation, especially in low-income communities and for people of color.  

Beyond the transportation funding package, here’s a short list of our other priorities this session and what each bill proposes:

SB 760 - Wiener - Complete Streets

Prioritizes the creation of ‘complete streets,’ including safer sidewalks, bikeways, and crosswalks, on roads owned and managed by Caltrans during routine road repaving and maintenance.

AB 694 - Ting - Full Lane for Safety Act

Clarifies current law by emphasizing bicyclists’ right to “take the lane”, or ride in the center of a traffic lane, where there isn’t a bike lane present or where the lane is too narrow for a car to pass safely within the lane giving the person bicycling the required three foot buffer.

AB 1640 - E. Garcia - Transportation Equity*

Requires that projects providing direct safety and mobility benefits to low-income people of color are prioritized with a percentage of transportation funding.

AB 179 - Cervantes - California Transportation Commission*

Requires that seven of the eleven members on the California Transportation Commission, which oversees state and federal transportation funding, have expertise in environmental justice communities, public health, climate change, and sustainable transportation.

AB 17 - Holden - Transit Pass Program*

Creates a statewide Transit Pass Program to provide free or reduced-fare transit passes to public school, community college, and university students.


* These bills are part of the 2017 Transportation Equity Package, sponsored by CalBike, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, ClimatePlan, Gamaliel of California, Move LA, PolicyLink, Public Advocates, and TransForm.

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