Key CalBike-supported Bills Clear First House

by / June 01, 2017

With tomorrow’s deadline looming for state bills to clear their first house in the California Legislature, several of CalBike’s top priority bills passed this week with landslide support:

Get State Employees Rolling: SB 702 (Stern)

Expands the bikeshare system for state employees—currently limited to just a few dozen bikes at department headquarters in Sacramento—and received a unanimous vote in the Senate 40-0! CalBike is sponsoring this bill, and we’re hopeful that this popular program will garner the same level of support in the Assembly.

Require Qualified Representation: AB 179 (Cervantes)

Requires one appointed member of the California Transportation Commission, the board that awards and oversees most of our state and federal transportation dollars, to be someone that works with environmental justice communities and understands the public health impacts of transportation. This bill cleared the Assembly floor 52-24 with all but one lone Democrat in dissent: Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier.

Free Transit for Students: AB 17 (Holden)

Creates a free transit pass program for low-income students in middle school through university, another popular bill that easily passed the Assembly 71-4. It will have a tougher fight in the Senate, however, over the source of funding, and will need even more grassroots support.

Hold Cities Accountable: SB 150 (Allen)

Requires the major metro regions in the state to update their greenhouse gas emissions targets in their long-range transportation plans to collectively meet state climate change targets established in law last year. Every city will be challenged to help meet the new state target—to reduce emissions 40% by 2030—and will need to make it much safer and easier to walk and bike rather than drive for most trips. SB 150 passed the Senate 26-13, but will also face a tough battle in the Assembly.

Thank you to all our members, supporters, and partners that responded to our call to action to urge state representatives to pass these these bills out of their first house! Your voice really matters in getting good policies passed in Sacramento that make our communities healthier and safer places to bike. 


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