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California State Capitol

2023 Legislative Recap: Big Wins for Active Transportation Slate

Of the bills CalBike supported that made it to the governor’s desk, six were signed into law, and two were vetoed. Several active transportation measures were put on hold before the end of the legislative session, becoming two-year bills, and some didn’t make it out of legislative committees. Overall, it was not a good year […]

Bikeway design guidelines are particularly important at intersections.

Green Light for Automated Speed Enforcement

For Immediate Release: 10/17/23 Jared Sanchez, Policy Director, CalBike, (714) 262-0921, Automated Vehicle Speed Enforcement Bill Signed into Law SACRAMENTO – CalBike commends Governor Gavin Newsom for signing (AB 645, Friedman), Automated Speed Enforcement, into law. “Everyone knows that speed is a major factor in traffic collisions that result in fatalities or injuries on California […]

Glendora Quick-Build crosswalk compressed

Intersection Daylighting Becomes California Law

For Immediate Release: 10/10/23 Contact: Marc Vukcevich, Director of State Policy, Streets for All, (949) 259-3674, Jared Sanchez, Policy Director, CalBike, (714) 262-0921, Governor Newsom Signs Crosswalk Daylighting Bill SACRAMENTO – Governor Newsom has signed the Daylighting Saves Lives Bill into law (AB 413, Lee). This law will prohibit stopping, standing, or parking a […]

Governor Vetoes Safe Passage for Bikes

For Immediate Release: 10/10/23 Contact: Jared Sanchez, CalBike (714) 262-0921, Governor Newsom Vetoes AB 825 Safe Passage for Bikes Bill     SACRAMENTO – The Safe Passage for Bikes Bill (AB 825, Bryan) would have allowed people to ride bikes on sidewalks adjacent to streets that do not include a Class I, Class II, or Class […]

Governor Approves Bill to Study Impacts of Heavy Vechicles

For Immediate Release: 10/10/23 Contact: Jared Sanchez, CalBike (714) 262-0921, Governor Signs Bill to Study Safety Impacts of SUVs and Light Trucks SACRAMENTO – Governor Newsom has signed AB 251 (Ward), the Deadly Oversized Cars Bill, which will convene a task force to study the relationship between vehicle weight and injuries to people biking and walking […]

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Governor Vetos Fare Evasion Decriminalization

For Immediate Release: 10/9/23 Contact: Jared Sanchez, CalBike (714) 262-0921, Governor Newsom Vetoes Bill to Decriminalize Transit Fare Evasion SACRAMENTO – Governor Newsom has vetoed (AB 819, Bryan), which would have removed criminal penalties for transit fare evasion while leaving fines in place. The veto leaves it as a misdemeanor classification, leading to possible […]

Response to Caltrans Firing Jeanie Ward-Waller

For Immediate Release: 10/9/23  Contact: Kendra Ramsey, CalBike, (707) 469-3387, CalBike Statement on Caltrans Firing of Active Mobility Expert Caltrans Must Serve All Californians, Not Just People in Cars    Re: Caltrans to Ward-Waller: Our way or the highway – Politico 10/3/23 SACRAMENTO – In her role as Deputy Director of Planning and Modal […]

Help Bike-Friendly Bills Become Law

Six of the bike-friendly bills CalBike supported in this legislative session are on the governor’s desk. The final step to becoming law is his signature, but that’s far from certain. We need as many people as possible to email Governor Gavin Newsom and ask him to sign the Active Transportation Slate. What is CalBike’s Active […]

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CalBike Calls Out Anti-Bike Bias

For Immediate Release: 10/5/23 Contact: Kendra Ramsey, CalBike, (707) 469-3387, CalBike Calls on Southern California Cities to Reverse Discriminatory Bicycle Regulations SACRAMENTO – At a time when California communities should be encouraging more biking and walking, several cities in Southern California have responded to more people getting on bikes by imposing fines and restrictions. […]

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Tell Governor Newsom: Decriminalize Fare Evasion

Fare evasion sounds criminal, but it often isn’t. It could be as simple as someone tapping their Clipper Card on the bus and not realizing it didn’t register. And enforcement often disproportionately affects riders of color. As a recent Streetsblog piece pointed out, fare evasion has a greater penalty than speeding, which has tickets but […]

Daylighting to Save Lives: Ask Governor to Sign AB 413  

Note: This post was updated on 9/25/23. It passed the legislature and now awaits the governor’s signature. Thank you to Streets for All for the graphics. When drivers park cars and trucks right up to a crosswalk line, it reduces visibility for vehicles approaching the crosswalk. Drivers are more likely to hit people walking or […]

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Active Transportation Slate Goes to Governor

For Immediate Release: 9/25/23 Contact: Jared Sanchez, CalBike (714) 262-0921, CalBike-Supported Active Transportation Slate  Advances to Governor’s Desk SACRAMENTO – A slate of six critical active transit bills supported by CalBike is now on the governor’s desk. The governor has until October 14 to sign or veto bills. If he takes no action, the bill […]