RIDE IN STYLE: Promote Bicycling for Health and Happiness

Bicycle License Plate personalized

If you have a car (or a truck or a motorcycle), you can now show your support for bicycling on your license plate!  The Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Bureau of the California Department of Public Health has designed a specialty plate to celebrate the health benefits of bicycling. The plate is expected to raise millions of dollars for bicycle education and encouragement programs, such as earn-a-bike programs for at-risk youth, middle and high school programs, advocacy for bicycles as transportation, and safety and share the road education programs for drivers and cyclists.

Department of Motor Vehicles will issue the plate only after 7,500 people have placed pre-orders. Then, the bicycle plate will be available to everyone as a choice whenever they register their car each year. You have three choices when ordering a plate. You can order a custom plate, you can exchange your existing custom plate for a custom bike plate, or you can get a non-customized sequential plate.

Take Action

Pre-order a bike-themed license plate for your car

This specialty plate will raise funds for bicycle education. We need 7,500 pre-orders before the DMV will produce it.

Ask California to Provide Incentives for E-bikes

Ask for California clean vehicle dollars to support the ultimate clean vehicle: the electric bicycle.

Join The California Bicycle Coalition Today

Do you care about bicycling? We need your support to make California a better place to ride a bike and to get more people riding.

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