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CalBike advocates for equitable, inclusive, and prosperous communities where bicycling helps to enable all Californians to lead healthy and joyful lives.

What We Stand For

We unite state-level advocates, grassroots organizations & local activists to develop & implement legislation that prioritizes needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation users in order to create equitable, inclusive and prosperous communities.

Transportation Justice

We elevate low-income communities to shape and have more control over transportation policy.

Streets for Everyone

We push to connect neighborhoods with safe and complete networks for biking, safe walking, and great transit.

Healthy Climate

We elevate bicycling to its important place in easing pollution and inequities that threaten our climate and community health.

Stronger Movement

We bolster the movement for transportation justice by supporting allies—from neighborhood activists to elected officials.

Commitment to Mobility Justice

CalBike is committed to working to undo the structural racism and inequity built into California’s transportation infrastructure and policymaking. Transportation planning and policies have historically discriminated against, segregated, and displaced immigrants, low-income people, and communities of color, bolstering racial and class inequalities. Current mobility planning processes and decisions often perpetuate these harms.

CalBike is committed to advancing equity through infrastructure, expanding decision-making processes bringing underrepresented communities to the table, working to end the over-policing of Black and brown Californians, and more. We recognize that it is only by addressing and redressing anti-Black violence and violence against Indigenous groups, women, and other marginalized peoples that we will be able to achieve the equity, inclusion, and prosperity that all California communities deserve.

We work to reframe and shift the dominant discourse on transportation planning and policies to relieve historical and current burdens on low-income communities of color and to provide affordable, reliable, and safe transportation options that improve neighborhoods and opportunities in marginalized communities. We collaborate with, learn from, and center marginalized peoples and intersectional allies on issues of mobility justice.

At CalBike, we advocate for bicycling not only because we love the bike as a machine but also because we love how bicycling can make our communities better: more equitable, prosperous, healthy, connected, and inclusive.

Who We Are

At CalBike, we advocate for bicycling not only because we love the bike as a machine but also because we love how bicycling can make our communities better: more equitable, prosperous, healthy, connected, and inclusive.



CalBike secures $1.1 billion for active transportation projects, more than 4 times the funding from previous years, and elects 8 transportation advocacy candidates to office. The organization also advocated for 15 bills signed into law by the governor, increasing pedestrian and bicyclist safety and requiring cities and counties to implement plans for safer biking and walking.


Calbike secures $10 million in e-bike subsidies and completes bike plans for cities as part of the High-Speed Rail project; drafts proposals for promoting bicycle tourism and contributed to advocacy efforts for narrower vehicle lanes; and expends coalition by partnering with human rights, social justice, and environmental organizations.


Calbike responds to COVID-19 by designating bike shops as essential and creating resources for safe biking; and provided guidance for Slow Streets and collaborated on a Quick-Build Guide for more room for biking and walking.


Calbike works with a coalition to win $100 million for biking and walking infrastructure and billions more for safer roads, better transit, and more local control of transportation spending, as part of Senate Bill 1, a landmark transportation package.


CalBike wins an increase of $10 million for the Active Transportation Program, gets Caltrans to dedicate 80% of its funds to disadvantaged communities, and inaugurates the California Walk Bike Youth Leaders Program.


Calbike changes the rules about electric bicycles to treat them more like bicycles than mopeds, paving the way for more people to get access to e-bikes, and defeat a proposed law to mandate helmet-wearing for adults.


The “Three Feet for Safety Act” passes, requiring motorists to give three feet of clearance when passing a bicycle. Calbike works with its allies in active transportation to increase bike/ped funding and create the new Active Transportation Program; and makes it much easier to remove a traffic lane and replace it with a bike lane.


Calbike authorizes Caltrans to establish an experimental process for allowing protected bike lanes and sponsor a 4-year pilot program to permit San Francisco Bay Area agencies to implement benefits for bicycle commuters.


Calbike reforms the California Traffic Control Devices Committee to include two representatives of nonmotorized transportation.


Calbike sponsors AB 1464 to encourage Caltrans to designate bicycle routes of regional, statewide and national significance.


CalBike teams with AARP to win legislation to require local agencies to include Complete Streets policies in their general plans. We work with Caltrans to update their Complete Streets policies.


Calbike wins an indefinite extension of California’s Safe Routes to School program.


CalBike helps to create the “Bicycle Blueprint,” California’s master plan for bicycling.


Calbike co-sponsors legislation to create the first statewide Safe Routes to School program, and rewrite the California driver’s manual to educate motorists on bicyclists’ rights


Calbike more than triple the funding allocated to the Bicycle Lane Account, the only Caltrans account dedicated solely to bicycle projects.

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California Bicycle Coalition
1017 L Street, #288
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Kendra Ramsey, Executive Director
(707) 469-3387

Stefany Alfaro, Administrative Associate
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Jared Sanchez, Senior Policy Director
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