With Increase to 8 Million in Funding, California's Mobility Options Pilot Program Expands to Include Both Traditional and Electric Bikeshare

by / July 20, 2016

Sacramento CA - At its most recent meeting, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) decided to fund bikesharing as part of its "Car Sharing and Mobility Options Pilot Project” for disadvantaged communities. The pilot project, launched last year with $2.5 million, was increased to $8 million. In addition to bike share, this program supports car sharing and transit passes, and is hosted under CARB’s Low Carbon Transportation Investments projects and funded by Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds.

The California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) has been advocating for bikeshare to be included in this type of pilot program for over a year. This win is exciting news for CalBike, and especially its partners in the bikeshare industry, and the electric bike industry, which the CARB is particularly interested in having participate in this program.

“We applaud the CARB for showing leadership by expanding the scope and funding of this pilot program to include bikesharing, and appreciate the innovative twist of adding electric bikesharing. The state has long neglected the role that bicycling can play in reducing greenhouse gases. This shows they’re starting to pay attention.” said Dave Snyder, the Executive Director of CalBike. “We’re looking forward to CARB hosting more progressive programs, like our proposed bike purchase incentive program, to really make bicycling mainstream in California.”

“We’re really pleased electric bikes are included as part of this newly extended project. We look forward to ebikes becoming a part of a robust bike purchase incentive program as this project evolves further.” Said Larry Pizzi, V.P. of the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association and Chair of the Electric Bike Committee.

Both government agencies and nonprofits in California will be eligible to apply for the program when the next call for applications officially launches, which is expected this fall. It provides a great opportunity for cities to create smaller, less complicated, and more flexible bikeshare programs targeted specifically to benefit disadvantaged communities, something that is often lacking in many current bikeshare programs.

The California Bicycle Coalition will host an informative conference call in September for those interested in learning more. To be included in this conference call please contact CalBike’s Policy Director Jeanie Ward-Waller at Jeanie@calbike.org. Contact Melissa Balmer 562.221.9672  or Melissa@CalBike.org for media queries for the California Bicycle Coalition or the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association. 


About the California Bicycle Coalition

The California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike) is California’s state-level bicycling advocacy organization, working to enable more people to ride bicycles for healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities for all. CalBike partners with all 16 professionally-staffed local bicycle advocacy organizations across the state, and hosts a bi-annual professional and advocacy focused summit.

We envision millions of people riding bikes every day in California with networks of safe streets and paths conveniently connect every destination. Our goal is to double the amount of bicycling in the Golden State 2017, and become the most bike-friendly state in the country by 2020. Learn more at calbike.org

About Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA)

BPSA is an association of suppliers of bicycles, parts, accessories and services. The association leads industry initiatives in legal and governmental affairs and safety issues, is the leading resource for bicycle statistical data, and provides regular networking and educational forums for members. Learn more at: www.bpsa.org.

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