Report on the Webinar

In addition to more funding for better bikeways, it’s critical that people who bike are treated fairly by our legal system. The webinar looked at a number of legislative reforms in the area of traffic justice. Participants settled on changing the rules to allow victims of traffic crashes to collect on their insurance if they suffer an injury as a result of avoiding contact, correcting a loophole in state law that lets insurance companies avoid payment if the car didn’t actually touch you, even if its driver broke the law and forced you into the ditch. Also on the list for action is a change to the Vehicle Code to encourage more bicycle safety classes. Other priorities for our grassroots advocates include automated enforcement and a bicyclist anti-harassment ordinance, both of which are still under consideration for our legislative agenda.

In the area of Vehicle Code reforms, the winning idea was to offer an omnibus piece of legislation a number of clarifications that would improve our riding experience. Our page of potential Vehicle Code amendments includes a list of suggested clarifications.

Finally, but first in priority, our agenda will include a budget bill to increase funding for bike infrastructure. Getting more money is always the toughest hill to climb, but our allies are creative and powerful, and our cause is just. Ideas include making bikes eligible for the subsidies for “clean transportation” administered by the Air Resources Board, creating new set-asides in the STIP or in a future transportation bond, or increasing the federal funding dedicated to the Active Transportation Program. There is definitely plenty of work to do.