Waiting for Brown to act on our 3-foot passing bill

As of this morning, we still don’t know what Gov. Jerry Brown will do with our 3-foot passing bill, Senate Bill 1464. He has until Sunday, Sept. 30 to do one of three things: sign it into law, veto it, or do nothing and let it become law without his signature.

When he vetoed our 3-foot passing bill last year, he stated in his accompanying message that he supports the concept of a minimum 3-foot passing distance, support he later reiterated personally to Sen. Alan Lowenthal, author of last year’s bill and SB 1464. We’re confident SB 1464 resolves the concerns he said were the basis of his veto last year. So the wait continues.

You can contact the Governor’s Office directly about this bill by going to their contact page — use the pull-down menu to identify SB 1464 as the subject of your message. It’s one more way to let Gov. Brown know that bicyclists care about improving the safety of our streets and roads.