Three Very Different Bike Rides Highlight Summit’s Final Day

Summit participants can visit the scene of the most hilarious backlash against bike lanes in recent memory, the silver-level bike-friendly city of Coronado. This is where some of the “world’s nuttiest bike lane NIMBYs” recently complained that all the bike lanes were giving them vertigo, and that all the stripes were like “taking all three of my daughters and giving them full body tattoos.” Late night comedian James Corden had fun with it. Tour guides include the city of Coronado’s Active Transportation Coordinator and the author of the city’s Bicycle Master Plan.

Or, join Los Angeles Rooted’s School on Wheels a fantastic exploration of culture that focuses on the strengths, resources and knowledge that exist in communities of color. The school takes participants by bike to participate in interactive presentations at various sites where elders, workers and youth have been working to create a more equitable society.  

Would you prefer a more urban ride? Join Bryan Jones and members of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition for a tour of the city of San Diego, from the hotel site to the University Heights neighborhood where a controversial lane reduction proposal was scaled back in response to some business complaints. Learn about the protected bike lane project that is partially being implemented and the strategy to win the whole project. Return to the hotel via San Diego’s famous Balboa Park, including a sneak peak of an exciting “bicycle freeway” project currently being planned.