Three-foot passing bill heads to full Senate vote next week

Senate Bill 1464, our three-foot passing bill, faces a vote by the full Senate next week, possibly on Thursday, May 24. We need your help today to tell Senators why this bill will save lives and help make our roads safer for everyone.

SB 1464, authored by Long Beach Sen. Alan Lowenthal, would require drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when overtaking them from behind in the same lane. By giving bicyclists a little more space on the road, SB 1464 can help prevent passing-from-behind collisions, the deadliest type of vehicle collision for bicyclists.

SB 1464 lets drivers cross a solid double yellow centerline, when safe, in order to give bicyclists at least three feet. And if three feet isn't available, the bill only allows drivers to pass by slowing down and giving the bicyclist as much space as feasible. Read more about the bill here.

The Senate Transportation & Housing Committee voted 8-0 to approve SB 1464 last month after receiving messages from 50+ organizations, bicycling clubs and businesses and more than 500 individuals – an unprecedented show of support! We need an even bigger response before next week's Senate debate.

Here's what you can do. With help from our allies at TransForm, send a personalized email to your Senator (even if you're not sure which Senator is yours) by clicking on this link.  Entering your zip code will generate an email addressed to your Senator. You can modify the email with a more personal message – please do this if you or a loved one has been injured by a driver passing unsafely or if you ride less because of concerns about unsafe passing.

If you'd rather use snail-mail, download a sample letter (Word format) and modify it by adding your Senator's name and State Capitol room number, which you can find here, and your own contact information.  (There's no need to send a letter to your Assemblymember right now. We'll let you know when it's time!)

Next week's debate takes place among Senators only – they won't hear any outside testimony from organizations like ours. But senators listen to their constituents. That's why it's so important for you to contact your Senator today!

Help support our campaign to enact SB 1464 in California by making a generous donation today. Thanks!