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CalBike announces 2016 primary endorsements

March 21, 2016

The California Bicycle Coalition issued their endorsements this week in the state's Assembly and Senate races. The advocacy organization asked each candidate how much they support bicycling. How much do they ride? Do they support more funding for bicycle infrastructure? Do they support a "complete streets" requirement that all road maintenance take bicycle safety into account? Do they oppose using greenhouse gas funding for more roads? Based on their answers to the survey and the results of outreach to their own members across the state, CalBike chose to endorse nine candidates: Assembly AD 37 – Monique Limon - Trustee, Santa Barbara USD AD 40... Read more >>

  • March 20, 2016 2016 State Candidate Survey

    The following survey was mailed to every candidate for Assembly or Senate. To see their responses, view this online spreadsheet. Do you ride a bicycle in your district and/or in Sacramento? If yes,... Read more >>

  • March 01, 2016 / PRESS RELEASE CalBike's 2016 Legislation

    Your California Bicycle Coalition has a packed legislative portfolio for 2016!   We are excited to be working with bicycling champion Assemblymember Richard Bloom on two important bills: (1) to... Read more >>

  • February 19, 2016 / BIKEWAYS_TO_EVERYWHERE Bikeway Design Best Practices

    We recommend the following guides and manuals to any engineer or planner in California. Each one provides valuable advice on bikeway and roadway designs that are approved for any road in... Read more >>

  • January 28, 2016 / POPULAR CalBike Awards 2015

    Happy New Year! We're already going full steam on our 2016 Legislative Agenda but wanted to take some time to recognize all the accomplishments (and some disappointments) from last year. INFRASTRUCTURE:... Read more >>

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