Support Us to Win Bike Awareness License Plates in CA

In 2016, California’s motorists may have the opportunity to support better bicycling by adorning their cars with a Bike Awareness License Plate! Help us make it happen by joining us as a member today.

The California Bicycle Coalition’s Bike Awareness License Plate program, which will raise big money for bicycling programs, has made some big progress in the last year:

  • As of right now, our survey at has received input from 3,269 people who have indicated that they would order more than 3,500 plates!
  • We are in the midst of negotiations with Caltrans to ensure that your voice is heard in how the state spends the revenue from the license plate program.
  • We are very close to launching a new website to help get more attention for the program, and to more effectively gather community input.

So even before we have launched our website or finalized the license plate design, we have half the commitments we need before we can start selling plates (the DMV requires us to sell 7,500 plates within a year). Donate today to help us keep up the work.

Thank you for your support. Contact me or post in our Facebook Group if you have any questions about the program.