Support better bikeways in 2015

We are proud that our work together this year has made California a better place for bicycling. But sadly, 147 families across California will sit down to their first holiday dinner with an empty seat at the table, because a loved one was killed while riding a bike. That’s 147 too many. Every single fatal bicycle crash is preventable with better street design, more education, and smarter enforcement.

You’ve probably had your own close calls, or felt frustrated when your bike lane disappeared when you needed it most. You know firsthand that our policymakers haven’t prioritized making our communities bike-friendly. The California Bicycle Coalition is fighting to change that. Join us in this fight by making a donation of $50, $100, or $250 today.

Our dangerous roads don’t just affect those who are hurt—they affect us all. When more people feel comfortable biking, we all benefit: communities prosper because people spend less on gas and more at local businesses; people are healthier and happier; and streets become safer for pedestrians and drivers too. This is the future of California.

With your help, we made enormous progress toward that future this year:

  • We won the Protected Bikeways Act, changing bikeway design rules to make protected bike lanes possible. Now, every community in California can design and build improved bikeways that protect riders from car traffic, and are comfortable and inviting for everyone, ages 8 to 80.
  • Our Three Feet for Safety Act went into effect in September, requiring motorists to leave at least three feet of space when passing bicyclists. We promoted the law aggressively across California, resulting in 71 news stories on the three-foot law, stories that reached millions of motorists and bicyclists.
  • We brought more than 70 bike advocates to the Capitol in May for California Bike Advocacy Day, during which lawmakers heard from their constituents about the need to enact better laws for bicyclists.

With your support, we can accomplish our bold plans for 2015:

Your donation will support our fight for an unprecedented state grant program to build complete bicycle networks in communities across California. With your help, California will lead the way by supporting whole bike networks, instead of single bike lanes here and there. With this funding, communities will become connected by webs of bike paths, protected bike lanes, and quiet bicycle boulevards.image003

Your donation will help cities and counties install at least 100 “PASS3 FT MIN” signs.

Your donation will allow us to push for changes to the driver’s manual, to ensure that motorists understand bicyclists’ rights to the road.

Make a donation today. Help us win the laws and funding we need to give California the safest, most bikeable streets in the nation. Together, we can do away with tragic bicycle crashes, make our communities bike-friendly, and transform California into a healthier, safer, and more prosperous place.


Thank you for your support.


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Dave Snyder
Executive Director

P.S. Make a $50, $100, or $250 donation right now, and help us enable more people in California to ride bikes.