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Stand up for Students - Support the Transit Pass Program

Students should spend their time and energy focusing on school—not worrying about the cost of getting there.

Help California's students get to and stay in school by supporting the Transit Pass Program.

AB 17 would give free or reduced-fare transit passes to middle, high school, and college students all over the state, helping everyone to share in the advantages of an education.

Low-income students across California need your help to get to school!

Legislation Update: AB 17 is on the Governor's desk! Tell Gov. Brown to sign AB 17 and help all our students get to and stay in school. 

Investing in student transit programs is an investment in our future. Besides elevating the lifelong potential of our students, these programs can help to improve our transit systems, create lifelong transit users, reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion, and reduce strain on low-income families.

We'll update this space as the legislation hopefully moves forward, so sign up for our advocacy updates below to stay in the loop and stand up for students. 

Take action to support healthy, safe, and accessible routes to school.

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