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Help Shape CalBike's Next Strategic Plan

by / May 19, 2017

In 2011, CalBike brought together bicycle advocacy leaders from across the state in a conference room in Sacramento for an unprecedented collaboration to create a five-point strategic plan. That plan, which focused our advocacy work over the past five years, has been completed. We did what we set out to do, and it’s time to regroup and  focus our advocacy in the next five years. Please help us determine our new strategies to by filling out this survey. Your input is crucial. Here’s what we accomplished from 2011 to the present:

Key Accomplishments in CalBike’s Five Priority Areas  

Build the Infrastructure

-We increased active transportation program funding from about $90 million per year to $220 million per year.
-We overcame a half century of resistance to get protected bike lanes approved as an allowable bikeway design.
-We removed an absurd regulation that required environmental analysis of the conversion of a car lane to a bike lane, but not vice versa.

Mainstream Bicycling

-We supported the expansion of Open Streets events from just a handful in the state to dozens, in part by hosting the Open Streets Summit in 2015.
-We expanded bike share by making it eligible for state greenhouse gas reduction funding.
-We legalized electric bikes, creating the nation’s model law to regulate low-speed, pedal-powered, motor-assisted bicycles.

Protect and Expand Bicyclists’ Rights

-We won the Three Feet for Safety Act, and became the first state to approve an official sign reminding motorists of their duty to “give three feet.”
-We got more questions added to the Drivers’ Manual so that motorists have a better chance of knowing the law about bikes.
-We amended the Vehicle Code to permit diversion programs so that adults ticketed while biking can go to a bike safety class instead of to traffic court.   

Strengthen Bicycle Advocacy

-We directly sponsored two new organizations, Women on Bikes California and Shasta Living Streets, handling their administrative and tax compliance requirements so they can focus on their mission.
-We helped dozens of local groups and hundreds of individuals be stronger advocates with direct training and assistance and by hosting the California Bike Summit in odd years.
-We flexed our political muscle by endorsing nine candidates for Assembly and Senate in 2016. Seven won.

Increase our Own Capacity 

-We grew our budget from about $190,000 to about $920,000, enabling us to expand our staff of two to a staff of seven (FTE) bike advocates.
-We opened a new headquarters in Oakland and maintained an office in Sacramento.
-We strengthened our board and staff with significantly more diverse participation.

Fill out our strategic plan survey today and help us plot a strategy that will make even more change for bicycling in California.


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