Six Things to Prepare for a Bike-Friendly 2018, #5: Harness the Power of the Ballot

by / February 27, 2018


Every single U.S. Congressional Representative, every single California State Assemblymember, and one half of the California State Senate face re-election this November. Some of them craft policies that help protect you and your family when you choose to get on a bike to ride around your community—and some of them support and are well financed by the same corporate interests invested in maintaining California’s dependency on automobiles and fossil fuels.

Make 2018 the year we build a bike-friendly Congress and State Legislature.

Your support is needed now. CalBike is preparing dynamic campaigns to influence elections in strategically targeted districts. We use our statewide reach to amplify the work of our local partners and build the movement in the most effective way we can; by electing champions of safe streets, and refusing to give a free pass to leaders responsible for unsustainable, unsafe, and inequitable transportation policies.

Now is the time to chip in $10, $20, or any amount monthly to make sure that our elected officials respect our demand for communities where bicycling is safe and can easily be a part of our healthy and joyful lives!

We are one of the few bike advocacy groups with the ability to influence elections. Please do your part to elect friends and allies to important seats.


Follow CalBike for endorsements and updates on key legislation—and don’t forget to vote.

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