Skill #4: Responding to Hazards

You know how to stop or turn quickly when another roadway user makes a hazardous mistake.

How You Do It

Knowing the early warning signs:
You watch for clues that a collision might be about to happen, such as:

  • A motorist passes you on the left and makes a right turn across your path.
  • A stopped or slow-moving car makes a right turn across your path just as you pass it on the right.
  • A motorist on a cross street makes a right turn into your path as you cross the intersection.
  • A motorist heading toward you in the opposite lane makes a left turn across your path.
  • Someone in a parked car opens a door into your path.

Avoiding the collision:
You learn and practice how to stop quickly and turn sharply yet safely:

  • You’re able to use these techniques in potential collision situations.

Taking a bike safety class or attending a safety demonstration is the best way to learn Skill 4. Practice makes it automatic.

Almost at the Finish! Skill #5: Protection

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